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    Intel on DJ Eliot from Kentucky football beat writer

    Hello all, I have a bit more intel on DJ Eliot from Mr. Derek Terry; he covers Kentucky athletics for, serves as Sports Illustrated's Campus Correspondent for the university and is a senior at UK. Asked him some questions about DJ Eliot and his time at Kentucky. Here's what I found...
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    Does anyone have any good intel on DJ Eliot?

    I was curious as to if anyone out there may have any info on DJ Eliot. I'm talking about things that aren't the headlines of major reports...controversy, relationships with players, literally anything at all that might be interesting that isn't being covered. Feel free to thread. Aaaaand....go...
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    Support or Retort: "DJ Eliot = good hire."

    Looking for some opinions on the hiring of Kentucky's DJ Eliot as CU's new DC and linebackers coach. Are you happy with this? What're your preliminary thoughts on him? I happen to think that he could be a good fit; he's had success with younger defensive players in his coaching career. Last...