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    Is Colorado not a good rushing team?

    I have much love for Phillip Lindsay and now for Kyle Evans, as he's starting to have meaningful impacts on games. But as of right now, I'm finding myself being able to to draw too many similarities between inefficiencies this year that also plagued the 2015 team. I know I'm starting to...
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    CU vs. Mich: Are you at all happy with Buffs' performance?

    I'd like to start a comment thread here and see how people are feeling. What are your thoughts on the game? Specifically, are you concerned that the Buffs blew it? ...I'm talking about this team's trends consisting of the offense stalling out at key moments, unfortunate injuries, missed field...
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    Buffs, sustaining injuries, put up a fight but fall to Michigan 45-28

    Sorry all..got this up as quickly as I could. The drive back from Michigan was brutal. I got into Boulder a bit ago. Note: This content was originally reported by the CU Independent Despite an explosive first quarter, the University of Colorado Buffaloes football team lost on the road to...
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    Michigan notes, con't

    Hey everyone, sorry I've been MIA for a bit. The drive from Boulder to Ann Arbor was quite miserable. Due to a terrible storm that hit most of ****braska and Iowa, I had to stop for the night in Gretna, NE (wonderful town, by the way.) But long story short, I've made it to Michigan Stadium and...
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    Fraternizing with the Enemy: notes on the Michigan Wolverines

    Note: this content was originally reported by the CU Independent In this week’s rendition of “Fraternizing with the enemy,” the CUI’s Justin Guerriero talked to Max Bultman, football beat writer and Co-Managing Sports Editor of The Michigan Daily, to get some insider information on the...