rocky mountain showdown

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    CSU notes...continued

    Ran outta space on the last piece entitled "Fraternizing with the Enemy." Key takeaways that I saw from Chad's responses: 1. Will the Rams' o-line be able to handle the Buffs' defense? I've talked a lot about the returning starters on the Buffs D...and I've also noted the returning starters...
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    Fraternizing with the Enemy: notes on the CSU Rams

    As I had mentioned a few days ago, here's the full transcript of questions and answers between myself and Chad Deutschman, the Rocky Mountain Collegiate's (CSU's student newspaper) sports editor. In this new weekly segment entitled "Fraternizing with the Enemy," the CUI talks to the opposing...
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    POI's (Persons of Interest) for Rocky Mountain Showdown

    Every week before the game, I'm going to pick one player from both the Buffs and the opposition that I think will have a sizeable impact on the game's outcome. Alright, here we go. For the Rams: I'm going with linebacker Kevin Davis (#33). He enters his senior year with three varsity letters of...
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    Some Intel on the CSU Rams

    Greetings Buffalunitics. Hope you all had a nice weekend. This piece right here is meant to shed some light on the CSU Rams in anticipation for the upcoming Rocky Mountain Showdown on Sept. 2. I talked with Chad Deutschman, the sports editor of the Rocky Mountain Collegiate (CSU's student...