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    Final look back on football season: CU = "overrated?" Is that fair?

    I read the recent thread regarding this and wanted to throw my two cents in. Long story short is yeah, the team maybe was a bit overrated in its final standing of the regular season. But who the hell cares?? Recruiting has taken off like a bat out of hell, attendance at Folsom is great, and...
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    Game recap from San Antonio

    It had been nine years since the University of Colorado Buffaloes last competed in a bowl game, nine years of torture and heartbreak since their loss to Alabama in the 2007 Independence Bowl. But the No. 10 Buffaloes did the improbable in 2016, going from worst to first in the Pac-12 South and...
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    Mac, Phil Lindsay and Sefo Liufau quotes: post Alamo Bowl

    SEFO LIUFAU (opening statement:) The game sucked. It’s kind of obvious. I don’t know what you guys want me to say. It’s pretty frustrating the way kind of things happened. Just didn’t come out with all things firing. I think in the beginning we moved the ball a lot as an offense but weren’t...
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    A few things on the Pac-12 Championship game

    I wanted to open up a discussion here regarding a few things that happened in the Pac-12 Championship game. A lot is Sefo related. 1. Sefo's three picks: What's the blame situation here? All three were intended for JayMac, so explain to me your thoughts on where that blame should be directed...
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    Defense shuts down Utes, Buffs grind out 27-22 win

    The Colorado Buffaloes have won the Pac-12 South. By defeating the Utah Utes in its regular season finale, Colorado has punched its ticket to Santa Clara, California, to compete in the Pac-12 Championship game this Friday, Dec. 2 vs. Washington. "These young men are special," head coach Mike...
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    Buffs take down Wazzu 38-24

    In a close contest, and against a team undefeated in Pac-12 Conference play, the No. 12 Colorado Buffaloes defeated No. 20 Washington State at home, 38-24. The Buffs (9-2, 7-1 Pac-12) sat in the tenth spot in the college football rankings before the contest began. The team will likely slide...
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    Pick Six (CU Independent football podcast) Week of Wazzu, Zona recap

    Here's this week's Pick Six. Take a listen y'all!
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    Quotes-- postgame vs. Arizona

    Regarding the day of college football on Saturday, which saw many upsets and the level of excitement for the final two, huge, contests vs. Wazzu and Utah. Sefo Liufau: I don't know who lost but the most important thing is that we came out here and we won today. It was a bit of ups and downs and...
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    What to make of CU's win over Zona

    You shouldn't be that happy with CU's win over Zona. Last week after Tuesday's practice, I asked coach Mac if he at all used Wazzu's throttling of Zona last week as a gauge of what to expect from his team; would CU's performance vs. Arizona be fair to compare with Washington State's game...
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    Fraternizing with the Enemy: Notes on the Arizona Wildcats

    Well since this is such a close and evenly matched game, I had to find out some details regarding this potent Arizona Wildcats team as soon as humanly possible. Just all likelihood we'll steamroll these chumps. But regardless, here are some answers from Ivan Leonard, the football...
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    Buffs eek out 20-10 win vs. UCLA, move to 7-2

    A two-year-old child attempting to eat spaghetti with no bib would have been less sloppy than the No. 21 Colorado Buffaloes’ 20-10 victory over the UCLA Bruins Thursday night at Folsom Field. The Buffs and Bruins combined for an eyebrow-raising 224 yards of total penalty yards in the contest...
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    Pick Six: CU Independent football podcast

    Hello everyone. Here's the CU Independent football podcast that I host every week on Tuesday. This week, I was joined by my staff writers Drew Sharek and Kyle Rini. Take a listen! Man is this week gonna be miserable without any Buffalo football.
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    Stanford = Sefo Liufau's worst game of season

    It's not that senior quarterback Sefo Liufau played horrendously. I think the word "decent" is a fair term to describe his performance. But compared to the level of play he's displayed in the games that he's played in so far this season, Saturday's game vs the Cardinal was particularly ugly...
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    CU/Stanford game report

    One of my writers at the CU Independent, Drew Sharek, was on hand in Palo Alto for the game. Here's his game report from yesterday. After a dominating win against Arizona State at Folsom Field last week, the Colorado Buffaloes came into the Golden State with a mindset to finally clinch their...
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    Fraternizing with the Enemy: notes on the Stanford Cardinal

    *This may be my favorite one yet. Vihan gave some solid, meaty answers. Go Buffaloes Go! Let's get it gone today boys. #BowlEligibility This Saturday, the Colorado Buffaloes travel to Palo Alto, Calif. to take on Stanford. The CU Independent collaborated with the Stanford Daily in this week’s...
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    Stanford's time at the top is up.

    I believe that by the end of this upcoming Saturday, the Colorado Buffaloes will be 6-2 and will have knocked down another Pac-12 powerhouse by beating the Stanford Cardinal. Last season, Stanford was the team that really gave the 2015 Buffaloes a wake up call. Its 42-10 thrashing of CU...
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    CU/ASU: quotes, after game thoughts

    First of all...#26 ranking. Wowwww of course. Missed the Top 25 by a smidgen but that's alright. Once we smash Stanford next weekend that'll be a non issue. Of importance: Jimmie Gilbert entered this weekend tied for the nation in forced fumbles. He became just the fifth Buffalo to force five...
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    Buffs' Injury report

    Note: This Content was originally reported by the CU Independent To make Saturday’s 45-28 loss to the University of Michigan Wolverines even harder to swallow, it’s now confirmed that junior outside linebacker Derek McCartney will miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL in his right knee...
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    Michigan notes, con't

    Hey everyone, sorry I've been MIA for a bit. The drive from Boulder to Ann Arbor was quite miserable. Due to a terrible storm that hit most of ****braska and Iowa, I had to stop for the night in Gretna, NE (wonderful town, by the way.) But long story short, I've made it to Michigan Stadium and...
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    Buffs humiliate Rams 44-7, win RMS

    Contact CU Independent Head Sports Editor Justin Guerriero at and follow him on Twitter @TheHungry_Hippo. Note: This content was originally reported by the CU Independent Despite a strong showing, offensive woes, bad red zone execution and the Rams’ run game led...