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cubuffs 1989 And 1990 Still Most Successful Stretch In Buffs Football History


Clubber Lang
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I began attending CU in the fall of 1989 and graduated in the spring of 1992. My future wife was in my class. As a native New Yorker and graduate of an Ivy League university (OK, it was Penn, but it still counts) she had about zero football knowledge. Over those three greatest seasons of Buffalo football, we (she and I and our law school friends) attended most games--including that ****ing freezing night where we tied the corn. She only witnessed one loss during those years (Baylor and J.J. Joe, WTF?)

After we graduated and moved to NYC, her connection with football basically ended. Except for the last 30 years she wanders into the room while I'm watching the Buffs and is constantly surprised that we are losing. :cry: