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2019 Buffs Football hype thread


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Too soon? There were not any obvious places to put this, but it has merit!

That is with missing 3 games and clearly not being healthy when he came back for the last 3.

Oh, and he forces a missed tackled one out of three receptions.
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I am curious about the periphery, for example who is the stocky dude in the background of the Montez video? and is that Abrams with Montez?


I like the mask
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Have we announced the spring schedule yet?
From Neill Woelk's "Buffs Open Strength And Conditioning; Early Enrollees On Board" article

SPRING DATES: Colorado is tentatively scheduled to open spring practice March 18, with two more workouts that week (March 20 and 22) before spring break. The Buffs will then resume spring ball on Monday, April 1, with the rest of the workouts set for April 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 15, 19, 22 and 24, with the spring game April 27.


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More like 95 (if that is a 45lb olympic bar, the gray plates are 25lb), and it looks like normal bar curls, but hard to tell without seeing the hands.
It’s a dumbbell curl bar and those are bumper plates, 25 pounds. Gray as you said is 25, black is 45. Bumper plates are the new thing because you can drop them and toss them around without worry.

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Montez reverse curling 100+ lbs like nothing.

Holy crap.
A friend was a fullback in the mid-90's and was a beast in the weight room, but among the backfield, only second strongest in a number of lifts - behind Kordell.