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2020 (and probably early 2021) regular season cross country season news and results


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I usually start and maintain one thread each season to report on and discuss all regular season results and other news about one of CU's most storied sports programs, the men's and women's cross country teams. As usual, this thread will be used for the regular season, and then I'll create separate threads for (assuming there are any) the Pac 12 and NCAA Championships.

Figured I'd start this thread now, as I just saw (thanks to a letsrun.com forum thread for the results link) that it looks like many distance running Buffs got some work in, all running unattached, at the "Oklahoma State Invitational" cross country races held yesterday (Saturday) morning in Stillwater.

Assume as is typical in ANY cross country season, but even more in these times of Covid-19, this 1st race was mainly a "rust buster" and early fitness test for the runners, so shouldn't be taken as any indication of potential form at the end of the season. However, with some top competition there (including typical and anticipated 2020 powerhouses BYU and Northern Arizona, as well as a solid host OSU team), I'd GUESS (???) it probably felt great for the teams/ runners to toe the starting line with many other high quality runners.
(In one more indication it will be a WIERD year, I believe this was an early or 1st race of the year for most of the runners and teams, while for OSU I'd GUESS (???) they MAY be (???) much farther along, and might be getting ready to at minimum reach some peak performance level for their (Big 12) conference championships, which are scheduled for Oct. 30th.)

Overall Results:
Men's 8K - https://www.athlinks.com/event/343816/results/Event/941658/Course/1940795/Results
Women's 6K - https://www.athlinks.com/event/343816/results/Event/941658/Course/1940796/Results

Buff finishers for each gender (overall place, class)
(Sorry in advance if I miss anyone or typed incorrect info.):
Men (96 men running overall) - Eduardo Herrera (4th, Sr.), Alec Hornecker (24th, Sr.), Jace Aschbrenner (25th, F), Hunter Appleton (29th, RS F), Shaw Powell (32nd, F), Paxton Smith (38th, Sr.), Josh Torres (56th, Soph.), Ethan Powell (72nd, J), Josh Ramos (78th, J), Caleb Niednagel (79th, F), Jake Derouin (85th, F)
(Note- Buff John Dressel, who has track but no cross country eligibility left, also ran, finishing 6th.)

Women (75 women racing overall) - Rachel McArthur (4th, Sr.), Emily Covert (15th, RS F), Annie Hill (18th, Soph.), Kaitlyn Barthell (19th, J), Abby Nichols (23rd, Sr. (grad transfer)), Madison Boreman (26th, Sr.), Alisa Meraz-Fishbein (27th, RS F), Camille Jackson (29th, F), Olivia Brooks (34th, J), Whitney Valenti (51st, F)
(Note- #ForeverBuff Tayler Tuttle, who as a senior was a scorer and All-American on the 2018 NCAA Championship team, also looks to have competed, finishing 8th.)


Season schedule info (Will add here later.)-