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'22 KS SF Bobi Klintman (Verbal to Wake Forest)


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Often, CU requires more HS core credits than even other AAU members like Maryland and Wake. I don't know if that's it or if it was something else.
On the Wake board, rumor is it has something to do with his international credits. Can’t imagine it was GPA or SAT.

He had a scheduled announcement while still on his official visit at Wake. Not exactly a lot of suspense.

Exciting though - oddly the other 2022 freshman is from Littleton. Seems there is a bit of a Colorado to Wake pipeline going, between Walton, Keller, and Klintman.


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CU has all sorts of weird technical requirements, which run counter to its admissions standards.

If you met people from Sweden, you certainly wouldn’t want to accept any credits from there. Those people are uneducated, uncivilized heathens. I’m so glad CU admissions is protecting its students from any exposure to those morons. I know I am personally filled with unending dread at the prospect of being exposed to anyone associated with Sweden. God help the poor people at Wake Forest. I’ll pray for them.