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'22 TNFR OT Cade Bennett (Verbal to SDSU)

The Alabaster Yak

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Club Member
I am not on 247, that’s news to me
I leave 247 to escape the crazies, and here is this BigBang character. Great.

Gotta say, it’s been refreshing to be over here. Post one mildly negative thing on 247 and everyone starts crying or condescendingly talking down to you.

Adam’s posts are good, but Dorrell and Co’s Fort Knox mentality have really made it tough for him to report much of anything. I almost hope we get good just for that guy’s sake. He’s covered some terrible times haha

There are definitely lots of players leaving lots of schools. Gross transfer numbers aren’t the story though.

There aren’t many schools with sitting head coaches losing all of their top starting talent.

What we’re experiencing right now clearly points to poor leadership imo. If the man’s feeble attempts at media and fan relations, as well as ego driven lack of accountability are any indicator, I would say he hasn’t been able to foster a culture or inspire his players.

I’m personally taken aback by the brash avoidance of vision, responsibility, and accountability taken by our leadership. All we hear is “not a problem”, “this happens everywhere”, etc. Since the hiring of Dorrell, all we’ve been given is a mountain of excuses and been told to look away, or fans have even been blamed. It’s pretty gross ‘leadership’ really

and now I’m sure my leadership rant has given away who I was on 247 lol

247 interview…. Sheesh
My mistake. I guess you “left”?