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'23 TNFR K Alejandro Mata (Signed to COLORADO)


Real name isn't Nik
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Jackson State Bio
Chris Sailer Kicking


Jackson State University (Jackson, MS) / Buford HS (Buford, GA)

Eligibility: 4 years to play 3

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alemata004

Ht: 5'9"
Wt: 180

247s rating:
ESPN rating:
Rivals rating:

247sports Composite:

Reported Offers:


As a '22 recruit:

247s rating: unrated K
ESPN rating: unrated K
Rivals rating: unrated K

247sports Composite:

Reported Offers: FCS offer (Jackson St)
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Big Jim

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Lot’s of energy in the soccer player discussion.

Odds are good that there won’t be two scholarship kickers once the season starts. Odds are reasonable that there won’t be two of them when the spring semester starts in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, Coach Prime has his guy.


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They aren’t going to attempt many 50+
Every week during the season we joke about "college kicker," the guy who misses the 32 yard kick that would have tied or won the game. Every week we see teams chasing points because a kicker shanked an EP in the first quarter.

When you are trying to piece together a team with a bunch of G5 level athletes then yes having an extra LB or DB who can cover on special teams matters.

Coach Prime is bringing in some serious level athletes, he is bringing in some guys who are going to be playing special teams to get on the field because they have a better athlete in front of them.

If having two kickers on scholarship makes him more comfortable then that's a choice he gets to make.

I'm fine if this guy comes in and Becker beats him out. Based on this guys percentages that would mean that in addition to his strong leg Becker has developed as a very accurate and consistent kicker.

An argument can be made that over the course of a season you are much more likely to win or lose a game depending on your second kicker than you are on a fourth string QB and at that point you are better off having your fourth string QB a WO than your second string kicker.