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Verbal to CU '24 TX C Doryan Onwuchekwa


Club Member
Club Member


Faith Family Academy (Dallas, TX)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoryanChekwa
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doryanonwuchekwa/

Ht: 6'10"
Wt: 220

247s rating: 3* - 87 grade; #31 C
ESPN rating: 4* - 83 grade; #11 C (#74 overall)
Rivals rating: 3*; unranked C
On3 rating: 4* - 90 grade; #12 C (#108 overall)

247sports Composite: 3* / 0.9186 rating / #24 C / #154 overall

Reported Offers: Houston, Kansas St, Miss St, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma St, SMU, TCU, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, Troy, Tulsa, Virginia Tech, Xavier, UCLA
Two 4* bigs in town who actually have some physical development?! 🤩
I wonder what the strategy was for both the same weekend, do we have space for both? Is it to show recruits we have multiple people interested to put some pressure on committing? Is it because of the calendar being limited w Tad coaching u19?

Recruiting seems to just be at a new level!
We lose two forwards to graduation and we have an untested “tweener” in Hurlburt. Maybe we do take two bigs and add a guard in as well. As fluid as rosters are these days I’d hate to be left without some size in the middle.
We lose two forwards to graduation and we have an untested “tweener” in Hurlburt. Maybe we do take two bigs and add a guard in as well. As fluid as rosters are these days I’d hate to be left without some size in the middle.
We lose three seniors, already have an open slot not being used, and we'll lose Williams after one year.

Tad should be working under the motion he has at least 5 spots to fill.

TCU wanted him bad. Big recruiting win heading into the Big 12. Here's his 247 evaluations:

EVALUATED 06/24/2023​

Brandon Jenkins


What first stands out about Onwuchekwa is his touch at his size. When he receives the ball inside, he is comfortable scoring over either shoulder with great touch on his jump hooks and under the rim finishes through traffic. When operating outside of the paint, he shoots one of the softest balls from the perimeter. The ball looks graceful coming off his hands and his stroke is pure. While he does brings ideal girth to the low post position, his bread and butter is his skill and not his athletic ability. His game is suited for the halfcourt and when he is engaged, he is capable of doing damage as a low post scoring threat who is hard for any post presence to contain. Onwuchekwa has been on the scene since his middle school days and has a foundational skill set that is reminiscent of big men who have been successful in the college game. However, there are times where he disappears or seems disinterested between the lines. In the end, his motor and overall approach to being a consistent force on the interior will be key to him reaching his potential.
Is it dangerous to say Josh Scott esque? Don't want anybody to think he will put up 10 and 6 as a frosh, but he has a similar old school/blue collar game!
I think his overall game is more mature than Jelly's was as a frosh. The passing is very high level and he's also able to stretch the defense a bit more. And the post footwork + great hands are very reminiscent of Jelly. I'm maybe going overboard based on limited film, but I love this prospect. Main thing I think is going to slow down his productivity is that we'll have older guys who are over 6'9" which wasn't the case Jelly's freshman year.