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cubuffs Buffs Camp Position Preview: Inexperienced DBs Will Have To Grow Up Quickly


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I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel with our secondary.

I think we have competent starters for a P5 team from upperclassmen at all 4 spots (5 spots if we include Taylor at STAR).

At safety, we also have junior in Rakestraw who has shown some ballhawking ability in practices/scrimmages and was close to earning a starting job.

Behind that, we have what I think are some talented freshmen and sophomores who should develop well over the course of the season with Miller, Luckett, Trujillo, Perry and even Lewis (whose reported development in camp was a bit of a surprise to me). Even Noyer could be of service -- and it might be to give depth at STAR -- since reports have been positive.

I don't know if we have All Pac-12 type players in the group for this season, but I am becoming confident that we will see P5 JAG level performance from the starters and their primary backups. With upside that's dependent on development timelines for the underclassmen.