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College Football News


Gobbler on the Mountain!
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“I am on the College Football Playoff Board of Directors [Managers] and I was a strong advocate for the 12-team playoff,” Gee said. “I am now no longer because I think with this changing environment, we want to keep it very narrow and keep it so there is a lot of opportunity to reconfigure what we’re doing in athletics.”


“I think it is on life support now,” Gee said. “I have one of the votes and I think it nearly needs to be unanimous and I’m not voting for it. I think the Big Ten will not vote for it and the Pac-12 will probably not vote for it either.”



Hope Poisons the Soul
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Eh, I got in at -105 but Illinois had more production returning than the team they whooped last year in Lincoln. I felt pretty safe they would keep it under a touchdown even if they didn’t win
When you lay a price you are taking the favored side. When you lay 7 with an underdog, the bet would be Illinois -7. You meant that you backed Illinois at +7.