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College Football News


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Dani write good than bigbang gonn talk us what happen her side good.

I know that writing conventions go out the window on social media, especially twitter, but I can see why this person gravitates to monkeys and stripping.
Not that I’d want it for myself, but you gotta admit “pole assassin” would be a great screen name.
They do display similar styles...


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Also, our game against Oregon came in 4th for the week. Obviously, Oregon was the draw and it helped being sandwiched between Michigan/Michigan State and the World Series, but it shows how vital it is to get some prime viewing slots for the conference.

Being on one of the major over-the-air networks also helped a ton

The Alabaster Yak

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Brutal. Cal has a reasonable chance at a bowl game with a win this weekend.

Also, Arizona breaking a 20-game losing streak via forfeit would be peak Pac-12.
This is the kind of thing that makes me think a University should probably just ditch their football program altogether.


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Rip on Cal all you want, it's deserved.

But keep in mind that they kicked our asses so bad that we didn't even belong on the same field as them.

If Cal's a laughingstock, what does that make CU?


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