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College Football News


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Not every team needs to play their whole schedule.
That makes sense but it seems that the teams that have outbreaks aren't going to just miss one or even two games. If they have enough players out to cancel a game chances are that by the time they have cleared protocol they are going to have missed two or even three or four. Meanwhile that also means that multiple opponents will have missed at least one game. Even when they don't have positives a team can end up with multiple games cancelled due to having multiple opponents cancel.

We already have teams with multiple cancellations and some of those will have more. What do you do with a team that has cancelled three or four games including all against the top teams in their conference. Who gets the nod, the 4-0 team or the 7-1 team that lost to a top opponent.

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52-10 Tech


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I like the flag. The magnolia was a great choice. Symbol of perseverance and love of nature.

I like those thin orange stripes too and I agree with the magnolia too. A 180 degree turn from what their old flag stood for.


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Looks like some SEC make up games for non-CCG teams will now be on 12/19.
Isn't that their conference championship game date? How the hell are they going to navigate that, if we even get to that point? What a ****ing mess this year has been.


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As much as I enjoyed watching the Buffs beat UCLA, I still feel that trying to play this year was a poor decision. I hope no other players get debilitating long term effects from these outbreaks.

I'm on the fence here. There's an argument to be made that daily testing keeps the players safer than the general student population.