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Countdown to Kickoff

Mick Ronson

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At first I thought this was another premature thread. Then I thought about it a bit and for several reasons I'm more excited about CU football this season then I have been in many years. The season countdown is not premature. GO BUFFS!
i used to teach college at CU and U of Denver in the 00's and a little more.....i was always divided about this time in summer.....i wanted vacation to go forever, but i also wanted football too......

not to be too much Buddhist.....you just take it as it comes. is is is. ha.


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#51 - I got nobody
Maybe @FlaBuff can chime in on this one.
Might be one of the least notable numbers in the years I have been following the team. Tom Ashworth maybe?

There is one notable guy at CU who wore #51. He was a multi-year starter who then went on to a long career in the NFL as a key protector for Broncos QBs, he even won a Super Bowl ring.

Answer - It was a trick question. Matt Lepsis was assigned #51 when he was a freshman at CU, he changed to #88 when he switched to TE.