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Dirtiest Coaches in the Pac12

Da Lama

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There are those we hate and those we...well, hate. But, taking that out of the equation, which coaches do you firmly believe are cheating the most?
I'll start:

1) Andy Enfield (the fvcking devil)
2) Dana Altman (the evil master)
3) Mike Hopkins (the snivelin', cheatin' biyotch hiding in the bushes)
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I gotta go with Bobby. Whines and cries and begs the refs until he starts getting all the calls. Not sure if that counts as dirty, but I can't think of another coach I loathe more.


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How do you think the PAC compares to other conferences on this? The Big 12 with Ok state and KU is a little sketchy. The SEC might be the worst even with losing Wade. Calipari and ACT scores and benefits, Pearl has a checkered past with this but they care the least. Not sure if it's just because I'm more familiar with the PAC but having Hurley, Altman, and Enfield might be a tough trifecta to compete with.