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Final thoughts before Pac-12 Championship

Justin M Guerriero

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Hello all, I was looking forward to Fraternizing with the Enemy for this week, but in all honesty, the Washington writer I contacted (who seems like a wonderful girl) did the answers last minute in the back of an Uber as she headed to her hotel last night in Santa Clara. The answers weren't anything worth posting...skin and bones would be too kind of a describer for what I got, so apologies for that.

Anyways, here's just a few final tidbits before kickoff tonight.

First of all, Levi's Stadium has a max capacity of about 75,000. I'm taking the under line on 35,000 showing tonight, albeit I think it'll be close.

As for this game itself, this is a tough one. Long story short is that Colorado has a slight overall statistical advantage, defensively, but on offense, are a bit behind Washington.

Jake Browning's Huskies ranked third nationally in scoring offense and second in passing efficiency (big surprise.) But Browning faces a CU defense that ranked fourth in defensive pass efficiency. Colorado's corners and safeties will need to be perfect tonight. Wazzu dropped so many passes in the Buffs' 38-24 win over them.

Luke Falk has the closest resemblance to Jake Browning that the Buffaloes have seen this year. He threw for 325 yards against them. Again, the Buffs got lucky on a few drops but that absolutely cannot happen tonight.

Miniscule mistakes can lose games. Let's hope Chido, Ted Thompson and Co. are flawless.

Third down efficiency will be key. The Buffs have a slight edge on offense in that regard, Cu converted 46.1% and Washington converted 44.9% of its third downs.

Look for Colorado'd D-line and Jimmie Gilbert to get some pressure on Browning tonight. That'll be critical.

I'm saying 21-20 Buffaloes. FINAL.

Go Buffs! So excited for this one. Here we go. Buffs to kick off in a sec.