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4-win Dorrell, hmmm, I think that might stick.
5 wins with Mike Mac, after the rise dipped down, and plateaued . 5 wins with Tucker, using mostly Mike Mac players. In two seasons, Dorrell has 4 wins a season. Might be his calling card. JFC…what will it take to not have a bowl season be the outlier for this program?!


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Rick George is going to be here for a while.

I think if there's a move to make in this area, it would be to move on from Lance Carl and bring back Jashon Sykes. Jashon's in the same job as Lance at Nevada these past couple years after a bunch of successful years running football operations as San Diego State. Still only in his early 40s. Would be good to bring him in soon and groom him to take over as the CU AD, having him build relationships with all the stakeholders.