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Good times are coming

Robert Sorell

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Is this where I remind everyone that Darth started a thread that said the 2019-2020 MBB season was something special to be enjoyed?


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Still married to Surveyor?
Yes, and she is still better looking than most all of you can get.

BTW. I'm glad to see I'm so well respected and still vacationing between the empty space above your shoulders.

Now many of you can go **** yourself until football season. If there is one in 2020?

Uncle Luko

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Yo @Darth Snow - what does this omen portend?
Woman, 72, gored by bison at Yellowstone after getting too close for photos, park says

If that was a ****braska grandma, I see a NC in our future!
I saw plenty of dumb asses like that when I was up there. We had already done everything and were heading back to the cabin. We were in my dad's truck, I had an F-150 at the time. My dad had an F-350, more space. My son and I were in the back. Anyway, we had a bison right next to the truck. It wasn't running, kinda a swift walk. My mom rolls down the damn window and says, " I just want to pet it on the head. " I'm like the hell you will, we'll be in that ****ing lake if you do. My dad just died laughing. :LOL: