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Mel Tucker leaves CU for Michigan State


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He is the last guy mentioned on a pretty big list.

Here is the comment about him from there:

Mel Tucker is an intriguing coach. Quality man and coach, a proven winner. According to a member of the administration, “Like everything about him, but his buyout would make it tough. Would be a great coach.”


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I think it’s pretty telling that Fickell appears to have been slow playing an extension with Cincinnati for several weeks now. He is close with outgoing coach D’Antonio (who really was also slow playing his resignation to pick up a hefty bonus first). I think this gets done in a few days, especially since Fickell has given the standard denial of talking with anyone at MSU (his agent is probably doing the talking).


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Coach Tucker is here for the long haul, unless and only unless the Wisconsin job opens up!!!
We do need to keep putting money into the Brinks truck to be sure he has what he needs


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Unless Coach Tucker was in the last year of his current contract, I would doubt that MSU would want to buy out the remaining time on his current contract. Being at near or at the bottom of there wish list suggests that MSU has plenty of other candidates to interview before they consider talking to Mel.

Mick Ronson

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Someone change the title. Mel is not and never was a candidate for this job. Makes us look like the bashed and unconfident fan base that many of us are.

the title doesn't say MT is a candidate.....it says he's mentioned.

i like MT at CU a lot i think but he only won 5 games last year.....it's not like he's done deal success hooray badass (yet).

lateral move to **** weather and while the Pac is a **** show the Big Ten MSU is perpetual 3rd at best. and it's Izzo's world in East Lansing.

no reason CU can't seize the Pac South in a Mel Tucker the God scenario....while USC waits for Urban (allegedly at best) and UCLA waits to give up on Chip and go more bankrupt.....ASU is looking a bit up but they lose their best local QB's to ISU and OU.
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Mick Ronson

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pat narduzzi, really? it's just a bunch of names. guy is a .500 coach. won the quick lane bowl for his career high point so far.

Mick Ronson

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MSU or Pitt?

i tend to agree about MSU (compared to CU in this Mel Tucker scenario....D'antonio almost got them past the UM thing by beating them on the football field but Harbaugh is still on the ESPN home page every day and tOSU is playoff team/talent most years.....) and Pitt.....i think you can win at Pitt. ACC is weak, ESPN is always overhyping BC, Syracuse, Pitt, and Miami with any 4-2 start.....and just above .500 gets you looks at the MSU job.