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Other games 9/23-9/25


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Week 4 of the college schedule is on us, So far only one significant coach firing and ****braska fans still believe that Frost is going to turn them around. He only does that to the working girls at the bar after games.

Thursday starts us with a good match up of solid G5 teams as Appalachian State (2-1) hosts the Thundering Herd from Marshall (2-1.) Appy’s only loss was by two points to a then ranked Miami.

Friday’s highlight is Virginia (2-1) at home against Wake Forest (3-0). Virginia fell on their face last week against North Carolina while Wake demolished the group of guys wearing Florida State uniforms.

We also get what might be the mismatch of the week with UNLV (0-3) which is getting worse by the week at Fresno (22) who’s only loss was to Oregon and coming off a win at UCLA.

In the top 25 we get two games matching top 25 teams this week.

Notre Dame (12) is 3-0 but has been less than impressive in getting there. Wisconsin(18) host them at 1-1 with a close loss to Penn State on their record. Never a bad week for Notre Dame to lose a game.

The other top 25 match has Texas A&M (7) which has been less than impressive in going 3-0 at Arkansas (16) who weren’t expected to be 3-0 at this stage and include a beatdown of Texas in that record.

Oklahoma State (3-0) isn’t in the top 25 but probably will be if they beat Kansas State (25) at home.

Baylor has scheduled themselves to their normal 3-0 season start by playing two bottom of lower division teams and Kansas which is the P5 version of a bye week. Their easy schedule and undefeated status likely come to and end this week as Iowa State (14) comes to town.

This must be bakery Saturday as some of the top teams including Alabama (1), Penn State (6), Ohio State (10), and Auburn (23) scheduled cream puffs.

Georgia (2) gets Vandy (1-2) in conference.

Midnight Mel doesn’t get a creampuff but he gets a cupcake instead. Michigan State (20) gets to take their turn beating ****braska. In the battle between Tucker’s short pants and Frost’s short temper the post game presser could be a classic as Frost takes another step towards enshrinement in the Moral Victory Hall of Fame (Shame?)

In typical PAC 12 fashion everything is up in the air. Utah (1-2)was expected to contend for the division but is coming off two OOC losses in a row including to arch rival BYU. They could get healthy this weekend with Washington State (1-2) visiting and lots of their fans wishing they would return without head coach Nick Rolovich.

UCLA (24) goes to Stanford (2-1), USC (2-1) hosts Oregon State (2-1) and Oregon (3) might be playing walk-ons in the third quarter as Arizona (0-3) coming off a loss to an FCS school presents the closest thing in the league to a bye that counts on the schedule.

Speaking of byes, when was the last time that Wyoming (3-0)was favored by over 4 touchdowns on the road. They are this week as they fly out to Connecticut to collect an easy win.

CSU (1-2) may have had their high point for the season with a convincing win over Toledo. This week they may have to be convinced to go back out on the field for the second half as the play at Iowa(5). Iowa is big, fast, physical, skilled, and well coached. CSU is well . . . they have a pet sheep.

AFA(2-1) hosts Florida Atlantic (2-1)

Northern Colorado (1-2) sees Northern Arizona (1-2) come to Greeley. UNA just came off a victory over a P5 school which would be impressive if it weren’t Arizona.

Local small colleges

Mines, Western, Mesa, and Pueblo are all undefeated in conference early in the season.

This week Mines travels out of conference for a tough game at West Texas A&M. Pueblo goes to South Dakota Mines, Mesa has Chadron visit them Western takes its turn beating up Fort Lewis.



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For Northern Arizona it's NAU not UNA. :LOL: FCS diehards would think you are talking about North Alabama in that regard. NAU and UNC usually has been competitive so don't be surprised if UNC wins. I'd be more embarrassed for CU if the Buffs lose to UA this year than I was with that performance on offense against Minnesota.

You got UAB at Tulane which could be AAC matchups in the not too distant future. Should be a good one.

LSU plays Miss State...that means Ed O versus Leach...announcers could be having fun in that one.

Dallas versus Ft. Worth as in SMU versus TCU. At least TCU is smart enough to not wear jerseys with "Ft. Worth" on it.

Rutgers at Michigan in a battle of 3-0 coaches.

KU plays at Duke...and no it's a football game.

Tennesse @ Florida used to mean something.

UNM plays at UTEP in a rivalry game that no one cares about.


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"So far only one significant coach firing and ****braska fans still believe that Frost is going to turn them around. He only does that to the working girls at the bar after games."


good job GIF


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SeatGeek says 60/40 ND.
I'm not very familiar with seatgeek but I poked around a bit without finding. where on site does it provide that kind of information?

how would they know? I've never in my life provided my 'team loyalty' information when buying tickets.


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Clemson is at NC State on Saturday and I'll be there with my youngest, who is considering attending NC State.
Wait, you're like... a grown ass man. I can only hope to remain as vulgar when I reach 35 as you are. Cheers


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UConn might be the worst team in the last 10 years of CFB. Kansas would hang 35 on them. They might even give up scores to our O. What the hell happened to that program?


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Clemson is at NC State on Saturday and I'll be there with my youngest, who is considering attending NC State.

Awesome, and looks like you're gonna have a perfect weather day tomorrow. That's a pretty nice facility with the basketball/NHL arena right next door. It's not on campus as you probably know and is more of an NFL feel with the large parking lots right around the stadium which makes for a good tailgating environment. Should be a great environment with a highly ranked team coming in plus Clemson fans travel very well especially for a regional game like this.


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Great job as always @MtnBuff

A couple of maybe low-profile but what should be good games tonight starting with Wake-UVA as you mentioned. Armstrong is playing great for UVA but I wouldn't be at all surprised if Wake won this one.

Liberty is also at Syracuse tonight, Malik Willis is projected by some to be the top overall pick in the draft


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Cuse with a couple of quick touchdowns early in the 2nd to take a 14-0 lead. Tucker looking good

First time Liberty has been down by more than 7 in a game since 11/30/2019


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UNLV just got totally screwed. The sideline ref called a TD catch in bounds. The replay didn’t overturn it. The guy was clearly out. But he had white shoes landing on a white sideline. But it was crystal clear that half his foot was OB. Oh well.

They should require shoes to be something other than the color of the sideline marker I guess.