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Pac 12 Losing USC and UCLA - "Everybody talking out of their ass"


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I'm not an accountant or financial attorney, but as I understand it there would be full public disclosure mandated for a conference if all members were public universities. With a private college in the mix, they have a right to keep their books confidential and that then extends to the conference of which they're a member.
It is not an issue and is not correct. The Pac 12 has been reporting financial results. The is no real benefit to not report and I don't see what the material advantage would be.

2020-2021 Pac 12 Financials.


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just read this and it has some really interesting tidbits i hadn't seen before.

it seems ucla will have to pay a breakup fee to the big of 15mm if the deal doesn't go through. this is going to be fun.
I don't have a sub to the NYT, but according to Flugaur, the Wirtz article says:
  • the Pac is offering to pay the $15m
  • the Pac is offering tiered media payouts if UCLA stays, with them at the high end
  • the Pac will get $42-$47 per school if UCLA stays


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Pretty sure Dodd is a mouth piece for anyone with an agenda. Someone getting this message out may mean there is at least some concern of the UCLA move getting blocked.


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all of you idiots found out about this circus June 30,2022.

this guy has been on the record for over a year saying usc and ucla we’re moving to the big ten.

if he knew about the two LA schools a full year before any of us morons, then maybe instead of criticizing the tweet date, we take it as the prophetic tweet that it is. CU To B1G


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I am not going to let myself get swept up in things. The idea that we could end the year in the B1G with Prime as our coach is too much to hope for.
This message was brought to you by Maggies Farm Dispensary. Come in on Sunday November 27th for the disappointment special. Nothing Prime on sale, but all the dregs that no one else wants will be available and cost more than they should.


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We would not stay at 10. Also, if we lost USC & Stanford we'd need to add a private school for financial disclosure protections. That likely means SMU.
More than 10 = less money for us. Why don’t people understand this. There is not once school in al of the US, not currently in a P5 conference, that adds to our media value. Not one.


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More than 10 = less money for us. Why don’t people understand this. There is not once school in al of the US, not currently in a P5 conference, that adds to our media value. Not one.
Not if the "more than 10" adds media markets and, especially if those additions don't immediately get a full share.

Your argument would run counter to the B1G and SEC as if it cost current members money. Or that the B12 should have stayed at 8 with UT & OU leaving instead of replacing them with 4 additions.

Expansion doesn't always add value (depends on who you add & the terms), but it can certainly be something that increases revenue for everyone in the conference.