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PAC-12 NIL deal with tech company Tempus Ex Machina


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Now that the first leg of the Elon-Bezos-botnet has been confirmed, does anyone want to help me get started on the star of the show? This is about attracting the best recruits through ridiculous revenue generated from pc's on the botnet watching CU player highlights all day and night. Therefore, CU Football NIL botnet only: no mining bitcoin or trolling Ram-Cornhole forums. As fun as that is, I want natties again, not lols.

"The Pac-12 Conference recently entered a partnership with sports technology company Tempus Ex Machina"

Article refers to the report below:

"Come this fall on the West Coast, Pac-12 football players will be utilizing a new way to monetize their NIL. Athletes will be able to share their personal video highlights on Twitter postgame and receive income for their performance on the field."