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cubuffs Salaam Selected For College Hall Of Fame Induction


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Rashaan Salaam

BOULDER — The call by KOA-Radio's Larry Zimmer easily rates among the – if not the – most memorable in University of Colorado football history: "He needs 28 yards to get him to 2,000. Here is the give to Salaam. Salaam to the outside, he's down to the 50, he's got 2,000! He's on his way … 20 … 15 … 10 … 5 … Did he get in? Yes! Touchdown! Touchdown, Rashaan Salaam! This place is coming apart! The whole team is coming down … what a story. He goes over 2,000 by running 67 yards for a touchdown. I'll you, what a golden moment this is. I have to admit, I'm choked up."

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