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Sherrone Moore - OC / OL Michigan


Real name isn't Nik
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Only 36 years old and maybe not as experienced as people might want, but he's been nails since taking over the offense the past 2 seasons at Michigan. They impose their will through the OL. Violent and physical as hell. I think he's the main reason that Harbaugh's program went from treading water to being a national contender again, beating OSU last season.


Sherrone Moore
Coaching career (HC unless noted)
Playing career
Biographical details
Current position
TitleCo-offensive coordinator
Offensive line coach
ConferenceBig Ten
BornFebruary 3, 1986 (age 36)
Derby, Kansas
Alma materUniversity of Oklahoma (2008)
University of Louisville (2011)
2009–2011Louisville (GA)
2012–2013Louisville (TE)
2014–2016Central Michigan (TE)
2017Central Michigan (AHC/TE/RC)
2018–2020Michigan (TE)
2021–presentMichigan (co-OC/OL)

2020 abbreviated season: 2-4 record; 28.3 ppg; 250.3 yards passing/game; 131.0 yards rushing/game. Moore was then promoted from TE coach.

Under Moore:

2021: 12-2 record; 35.8 ppg; 228.7 yards passing/game; 214.4 yards rushing/game
2022: 3-0 record so far; 55.3 ppg; 266.3 yards passing/game; 231.3 yards rushing/game

It's a run-based offense, but it's pretty balanced. Pretty much works out to 3 passes for every 4 runs.

If we're going the coordinator route, Moore is right at the top of my list. Part of it is the Michigan-->Colorado success in CU's past, so it seems like the culture translates. I also like that his background is Big 8 country.

And I especially love that he's known as one of the country's best recruiters.

What’s the conventional wisdom in Ann Arbor on who was most responsible for UM’s turnaround between Moore and Gattis?
highly intriguing, but honestly would be shocked if he's interested. He keeps performing like he is and he's gonna get one of the jobs he wants in the P2
Yeah I thought it was Gattis that was more of the playcaller?

Although interesting Gattis dipped to Miami and Moore remained, so maybe not
Love the physicality he brings on O, but I am hesitant as I think that is more Harbaugh than Moore.
Ed Orgeron. Nobody will understand a word he says in Boulder. And it would definitely spice up the weekends for old bags at Boulder gas stations (assuming gas stations aren't outlawed there).