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Who will be at the game on Saturday?

Are you attending Saturday?

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I wish. If only I still lived in Colorado.

College Station, while nice enough, isn't exactly Boulder.


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Me! And I will be at UW too.... So far, kids sports haven't gotten in the way of my season tickets and so I am going to take advantage of that as long as I can.

Bill Cody

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11?? Nice!
It's usually a good deal more.....we have a good time. A bunch of people are out of town this weekend because of the Holiday....which gives me pause as to what the actual attendance will be like. I hope Folsom is relatively full with all of these recruits in town.
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My oldest is just getting over a cold. If she's good, we are going to see Ralphie run twice. Got to get her to a game at least once a year. Go Buffs!
Hopefully Ralphie runs this week! She didn’t against USC. But it’s fantastic weather so I don’t see any reason she won’t.