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cubuffs Woelk: George Eyes Bright Future For Football Program


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Rick George

One thing Colorado supporters of every stripe, shape and size need to understand is this: The leadership at the University of Colorado who guided CU Athletics to this point, the leadership who made the Buffaloes relevant on a national scale and made Colorado a respected name again, is still in place.

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He's delusional about this being a destination job. We just had someone leave the "paradise" of Boulder for mutha****ing East Lansing hellscape Michigan. And having a passion for CU? Tucker seemed to have both until someone waved some money in his face...must've learned his ethics from Nick Saban.

There's not much that's noble about this culture, but it's pretty damn simple...it's about money from beginning to end...get with it RG and get some big donors to pony up the cash to keep a top flight coach. And fire that idiot Larry Scott.