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OUTDOOR TRACK & FIELD - 2024 regular season results and news (Team in So. Cal. for Brian Clay Inv. 4/11-13)


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With the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships just completed within the last week, the track and field teams IMMEDIATELY switch to outdoor mode, with the 1st meet of the season, being held at the renovated home track, scheduled for this Friday and Saturday.

It's a special year for the team, as they are scheduled to host their 1st Pac 12 Championships in what may be one of not the last Pac 12 events in any sport.

Best wishes to the men's and women's teams - hope they all stay healthy, run faster, jump longer and/ or higher and throw farther throughout the season!

As with the other "individual" sports, I plan on us using this thread to collect / report the results for and news regarding the team during the regular season, and then setting up individual Championships threads once the post-season begins.

(This year's post-season meets, as also listed in the below, are the Pac 12 Championships beginning May 10th, Western Regionals in Fayetteville, Arkansas starting 5/22, and Championships Finals in Eugene beginning 6/5.)

Full Schedule (From cubuffs.com; as of 3/12/24.)
(Note- I'd say compared to ANY other Buff sport, the track and field teams' schedules are the most fluid, with it being common for meets in which the Buffs plan to compete in being added and dropped from the schedule as the season unfolds.):

15, 2024
All DayHomeDay 1Boulder, Colo.Jerry Quiller Classic
16, 2024
All DayHomeDay 2Boulder, Colo.Jerry Quiller Classic
22, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 1San Diego, Calif.Aztec Invitational
23, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 2San Diego, Calif.Aztec Invitational
22, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 1Pueblo, Colo.Spank Blasing Invitational
23, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 2Pueblo, Colo.Spank Blasing Invitational
28, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 1Baton Rouge, La.Battle on the Bayou
29, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 2Baton Rouge, La.Battle on the Bayou
30, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 3Baton Rouge, La.Battle on the Bayou
29, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 1Stanford, Calif.Stanford Invitational
30, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 2Stanford, Calif.Stanford Invitational
29, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 1Pueblo, Colo.CSU Pueblo Open
30, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 2Pueblo, Colo.CSU Pueblo Open
30, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 1Fort Collins, Colo.Jack Christiansen Invitational
01, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 2Fort Collins, Colo.Jack Christiansen Invitational
05, 2024
All DayHomeDay 1Boulder, Colo.Colorado Invitational (Outdoor)
06, 2024
All DayHomeDay 2Boulder, Colo.Colorado Invitational (Outdoor)
11, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 1Azusa, Calif.Bryan Clay Invitational
12, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 2Azusa, Calif.Bryan Clay Invitational
13, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 3Azusa, Calif.Bryan Clay Invitational
18, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 1Walnut, Calif.Mt. SAC Relays
19, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 2Walnut, Calif.Mt. SAC Relays
20, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 3Walnut, Calif.Mt. SAC Relays
27, 2024
All DayNeutralDoug Max InvitationalFort Collins, Colo.
27, 2024
All DayNeutralDesert Heat ClassicTucson, Ariz.
27, 2024
All DayNeutralPayton Jordan InvitationalStanford, Calif.
03, 2024
All DayNeutralAir Force TwilightUSAFA, Colo.
10, 2024
All DayHomeDay 1Boulder, Colo.Pac-12 Championships
11, 2024
All DayHomeDay 2Boulder, Colo.Pac-12 Championships
12, 2024
All DayHomeDay 3Boulder, Colo.Pac-12 Championships
22, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 1Fayetteville, Ark.NCAA West Preliminaries
23, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 2Fayetteville, Ark.NCAA West Preliminaries
24, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 3Fayetteville, Ark.NCAA West Preliminaries
25, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 4Fayetteville, Ark.NCAA West Preliminaries
06, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 1Eugene, Ore.NCAA Outdoor Championships
07, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 2Eugene, Ore.NCAA Outdoor Championships
08, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 3Eugene, Ore.NCAA Outdoor Championships
09, 2024
All DayNeutralDay 4Eugene, Ore.NCAA Outdoor Championships

(Note- I just largely copied the below about qualifying for NCAA preliminaries from what I wrote/ quoted in 2023's outdoor T&F thread, with the main changes being updating the links to season's best to the current year's results.)

NCAA's homepage - https://www.ncaa.org/sports/2013/11/4/division-i-men-s-and-women-s-outdoor-track-and-field.aspx

2023/24 Pre-Championships Manual - https://ncaaorg.s3.amazonaws.com/ch...d1/outdoortf/2023-24D1XTO_PreChampsManual.pdf

Edit- Wanted to add links to the official webpages where outdoor season bests are kept. This is important because, as from what I've read (see http://www.ustfccca.org/meets-results/ncaa-championship-qualifying-criteria#d1OTF or https://www.ncaa.com/championships/trackfield-outdoor/d1/road-to-the-championships for the full qualifying procedures.) -
  • For multi-event athletes, the top 24 marks in the country by a designated date (usually right after conference championships complete for all the teams) for each gender get to go to the NCAA championships and
  • For all other individual events, the top 48 marks, distances or heights in each preliminary region (west and east) by athletes who accept entry for each event by a designated date (usually right after conference championships complete for all the teams) get to go to the NCAA preliminaries to try and qualify for the championships.
  • For the 4X100M and 4X400 meter relays, it's the Top 24 times who accept entry in each of the 2 regions that qualify for the preliminaries.
Links are-
For multi-events (National bests; since there are no multi-event marks yet as I type this in mid-March, the links are to the generic lists for all events for each gender as of now.) -
Men's Decathlon - https://tf.tfrrs.org/lists/4515/2024_NCAA_Division_I_All_Schools_Rankings?gender=m#event39
Women's Heptathlon - https://tf.tfrrs.org/lists/4515/2024_NCAA_Division_I_All_Schools_Rankings?gender=f#event40

For other events (West region bests) -
Men's - https://tf.tfrrs.org/lists/4574/2024_NCAA_Div_I_West_Outdoor_Qualifying_List?gender=m

Women's - https://tf.tfrrs.org/lists/4574/2024_NCAA_Div_I_West_Outdoor_Qualifying_List?gender=f

Both genders events listed/ combined - https://tf.tfrrs.org/lists/4515/2024_NCAA_Division_I_All_Schools_Rankings?gender=f

(As I pasted this edit March 13th, 2024, the season is still very young as to athletes working towards their best marks, so it's often more helpful to look at LAST season's marks to get a ROUGH idea of what marks MIGHT be needed to qualify for regionals. 2023's marks for Western men can be found at https://tf.tfrrs.org/lists/4163/2023_NCAA_Div_I_West_Outdoor_Qualifying_FINAL?gender=m while the women's is at https://tf.tfrrs.org/lists/4163/2023_NCAA_Div_I_West_Outdoor_Qualifying_FINAL?gender=f .

Further note- The NCAA also allows a couple type of conversions be used to calculate the top marks-
  • For a few distances on the track, marks in NCAA non-standard races are converted up or down to be used for qualifying purposes. (For example- times in mile races outdoor can be converted to 1500M times.) The conversion factors for this are at http://www.ncaa.org/sites/default/files/NCAA_Track_Event_Conversions.pdf .
  • Also, the NCAA has a SEPARATE APP (see http://www.ustfccca.org/meets-results/ncaa-championship-qualifying-criteria#d1OTF for the link) that converts all track times for events competed at altitude to official "sea level" times. (It's the converted times that show up in the above linked-to tfrrs.org top marks lists.) In general, middle distance (800M) and longer races run at altitude calculate to FASTER "sea level" times, while shorter races (400M and less) at altitude calculate to SLOWER times at sea level.

Some Buff-centric information to which I often refer:

List of Top 10 all-time indoor and outdoor CU performers by season, event and gender
(Based on the date listed in the document titles, is not updated for this year's indoor season.):
Men's - https://cubuffs.com/documents/2023/6/2/MensTop10_5_27_23.pdf
Women's - https://cubuffs.com/documents/2023/6/11/WomensTop10_6_10_23.pdf

Home meet info homepage (Nothing for any of the 3 meets as I type this.) - https://cubuffs.com/sports/2019/1/31/home-meet-information

General link for current meets live results (I believe clicking this link gets forwarded to any current meet the Buffs are involved in.?. Don't know what happens when there are multiple meets that the Buffs are involved in at one time.) - cubuffs.com/tracklive
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Can't remember this particular team doing too many home meet promos.?. (Good for them.)


A few early meet links:

For SDSU's Aztec Invitational:

Meet info document - https://goaztecs.com/documents/2024...l_Complete_Meet_Package_v10_10Mar2024__1_.pdf

Prelim schedule - https://goaztecs.com/documents/2024/2/15/2024_Aztec_Invitational_Schedule_Only_v4_4Mar2024.pdf

Live results - https://finishedresults.trackscoreboard.com/meets/11931/events

Streaming link (only for those with a premium ($) Runnersplace +Plus subscription) - https://sdsu-aztec-invitational.runnerspace.com/eprofile.php?event_id=5691&do=videos&video_id=386693

(Could not find any links right now for the Spank Blasing Invitational being hosted by CSU - Pueblo.)
Last edited:
Preview for the meets being held today*** and, mainly, tomorrow - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/3/21/track-and-field-buffs-set-to-open-outdoor-season-at-two-meets
(***Looks like it's just the throwers in action today, and already some nice results in the hammer throw from San Diego, with the Buff men, led by winner Matt Ward, going 1-4-5, while 2 women throwers (Amanda Ott and Bella Braun) went 2-3.)


Buffs Set to Open Outdoor Season at Two Meets​

By: Lauren Cawley, CU Athletic Communications

After the Jerry Quiller Classic was canceled, the Colorado track and field program is set to kick off its 2023-24 outdoor season this weekend, with athletes split between the CSU Pueblo Spank Blasing Invitational and the Aztec Invitational.

CU will send 39 athletes to compete in Pueblo, while 20 combined events and field athletes will head to San Diego.

On Friday, Lucas Williams will represent Colorado at the Pueblo Spank Blasing Invitational. He will compete in the men's hammer throw at 11:00 a.m., followed by the discus at 1:00 p.m. Meghan Whyrick will compete in the women's shot put following the men's event.

Saturday will begin at 10:00 a.m. with Kole Mathinson in the men's 5000-meter. Conner Wingfield and Tyler Scholl will follow in the men's 3000-meter steeplechase at 11:05 a.m.

The distance events will continue as nine men, including Lukas Haug, Noah Hibbard, Caleb Niednagel, Drew Costelow, Shaw Powell, Charlie Welch, Ryan Lindrud, Jack Nauman, and Nolan Hoffman, will represent the Buffs in the 1500-meter at 12:10 p.m. Bailey Hertenstein, Caroline Mehlhorn, and Sierra Parks will also compete in the women's 1500 at 12:35 p.m. Reese Renz returns to the track in the women's 100-meter hurdles at 1:20 p.m.

Tyler Williams, Luke Dry, Nick Gehring, and Nick Nuhfer will toe the line for the men's 400-meter at 1:45 p.m. Luc Andrada and Johnny Homsy will compete at 2:15 p.m. in the men's 100-meter.

Six runners will represent the Buffs in the men's 800-meter, including Isaiah Givens, Ben Greene, Reese Kilbarger-Stumpf, Jacob Culig, Antonio Camacho-Bucks, and George Wilson at 2:55 p.m. Elliot Pribramsky, Whitney Valenti, and Emma Hadley will follow in the women's 800 at 3:10 p.m.

Garrett Nelson, Cole Romig, and Danny Tragarz will compete in the men's 400-meter hurdles at 3:30 p.m. Emma Pollak and Joy Moorer will conclude the day for the women in the 400 hurdles, starting at 3:45 p.m.

The trio of Ian Gilmore, Andrada, and Homsy will then compete in the men's 200-meter at 3:55 p.m. Two men's 4x400-meter relay squads will close out the day at 5:15 p.m. Squad A will include Williams, Gilmore, Dry, and Gehring, while Squad B will feature Nuhfer, Nelson, Romig, and Tragarz.

Amanda Opp and Bella Braun will open the weekend for the Buffs at the Aztec Invitational on Friday in the women's hammer throw at 3:00 p.m. MT. Matt Ward, Isiah Bouchard, and Laurence Atkinson will follow, competing in the men's event at 5:30 p.m. MT.

Avery McMullen, coming off an All-American first-team honors performance in the pentathlon at the 2024 NCAA Indoor Championships, will compete in three events for the Buffs. She will start her weekend on Saturday in the women's long jump, followed by the 100-meter hurdles, and conclude in the women's 200-meter.

The Buffs will also compete on Saturday, starting at 10:00 a.m. MT with the javelin, featuring Jada Green.

Alongside McMullen, the long jump will include Kara Lucky, Eva Bruce, Troy Colleran, Nick Bianco, John Swabik, Aidan Christiansen, and Drake Miller. Gustavo Alfonso will compete in the men's javelin at noon MT. Allie Routledge and Riley Ward will jump in the women's high jump.

McMullen and Bruce will toe the line for the women's 100-meter hurdles at 1:15 p.m. MT. Obi Osafo-Mensah and Opp will compete in the women's discus at 2:00 p.m. MT.

Bianco, Colleran, Swabik, and Miller will also compete in the men's 110-meter hurdles and the 400-meter race. The 110-hurdles will start at 1:35 p.m. MT, and the 400 will occur at 2:05 p.m. MT.

Noah Bouchard will be the lone Buff competing in the men's high jump, beginning at 2:30 p.m. MT. Lauren Whyrick will compete in the women's shot put at 4:30 p.m. MT and the men's discus, featuring Ward, Atkinson, Colleran, Bianco, Miller, and Swabik.

The day will close with McMullen, Bruce, and Routledge in the women's 200 at 4:45 p.m.

Live results in/ from:

San Diego (A few links already provided for this meet in my last post .) - https://finishedresults.trackscoreboard.com/meets/11932/events

Pueblo - https://www.goinguplive.com/rapid/csu-pueblo-spank-blasing/meet-111/schedule.html
Articles after this past (and 1st) weekend of action:
(With FOUR meets scheduled, assume even more Buffs may be in action against even better competition this coming weekend.)

After Friday's (more limited) action - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/3/22/track-and-field-ward-wins-hammer-to-open-outdoor-season


Ward Wins Hammer To Open Outdoor Season​

By: Lauren Cawley, CU Athletic Communications

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -
The Colorado track & field program started off their busy weekend on the first day of the Aztec Invitational here Friday in San Diego.

Amanda Opp and Isabella Braun kicked things off for the Buffs in the women's hammer throw, placing second and third respectively. Opp placed second, throwing 56.27 meters (184-7), while Braun placed third with a mark of 53.37 meters (175-1).

The trio of Matt Ward, Isaiah Bouchard, and Lars Atkinson wrapped up the short afternoon for CU in the men's hammer throw. Ward claimed the victory with a toss of 63.94 meters (209-9). Bouchard threw 51.91 meters (170-3) for fourth, while Atkinson placed fifth in 40.56 meters (165-10).

The Buffs will continue in California tomorrow as well as the CSU Pueblo Spank Blasing Invitational, with both meets starting at 10:00 a.m. MT.


After Saturday's - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/3/23/track-and-field-buffs-pick-up-seven-wins-and-four-top-10-marks


Buffs Pick Up Seven Wins and Four Top-10 Marks​

By: Lauren Cawley, CU Athletic Communications

The Colorado track and field program finished up their weekend here Saturday with seven wins and four top-10 marks at the CSU Pueblo Spank Blasing Invitational as well as the Aztec Invitational.

In Pueblo, numerous athletes put up wins for the Buffs. Emma Pollak highlighted the day for CU, winning the women's 400-meter hurdles in 59.06, moving from seventh to sixth all-time. Joy Moorer ran a new PR of 1:02.65 to place fifth.

Colton Romig came out with a 10th all-time performance in the men's 400 hurdles in 51.84, winning the event. Garrett Nelson placed third in 52.64, while Daniel Tragarz ran a debut time of 43.06.

The third and final top-10 performance in Pueblo came from the men's 4x400-meter relay. The squad of Tyler Williams, Ian Gilmore, Luke Dry, and Nick Gehring won the event, running a seventh all-time mark of 3:08.61.

Bailey Hertenstein kicked off the day with a victory in the women's 1500-meter, clocking 4:21.09. Caroline Mehlhorn also competed in the event, running her debut 1500 for CU. She ran 4:39.05 for a fifth place finish.

In the men's 400-meter, the CU men took the top three spots with Williams leading the way in a time of 47.21. Gehring was runner-up in a PR of 47.32, while Dry also ran a PR of 47.55 to place third.

The men's 1500 saw great performances as three Buffs finished in the top-10. Lukas Haug ran a PR of 3:48.97 to place second, while Noah Hibbard finished a hundredth of second behind Haug to place third in 3:48.98. Caleb Niednagel clocked 3:53.65 for a sixth-place finish.

The men's and women's 800-meter also had numerous runners representing the Buffs at the front of the pack. In the men's event, Ben Greene ran 1:50.32 for a runner-up finish. Reese Kilbarger-Stumpff placed fifth in a PR of 1:51.95, while Wilson Georges placed eighth in 1:53.92. For the women, Elliot Pribramsky placed third in 2:12.97, Emma Hadley placed fourth in a PR of 2:14.53, and Whitney Valenti ran 2:14.61 to place fifth.

Reese Renz placed third in the women's 100-meter hurdles, running a time of 14.43, while in the men's 100-meter, Luc Andrada placed fifth in 10.47. Meghan Whyrick placed fifth in the women's shot put with a mark of 12.94 meters (42-3.25).

At the Aztec Invitational, Allie Routledge marked 6.04 meters (19-9.75) in the women's long jump to better her own fifth all-time mark in CU history, placing fourth. She also competed in the women's high jump, winning the event with a jump of 1.76 meters (5-9.25).

Jada Green earned a victory in the women's javelin throw with her mark of 49.11 meters (161-1). Gustavo Alfonso placed third in the men's javelin, throwing 57.43 meters (188-5).

Avery McMullen competed in three events, placing in the top-10 in all of them. She placed sixth in the 100 hurdles with a time of 13.44, sixth in the long jump with a mark of 6.00 meters (19-8.25), and fourth in the 200-meter with a time of 24.37.

John Swabik competed in both the men's 110-hurdles and long jump. He ran a PR of 14.76 in the hurdles to place eighth, while also placing fifth in the long jump with a mark of 7.23 meters (23-8.75).

Amanda Opp placed sixth in the women's discus with a throw of 41.59 meters (136-5).

The Buffs will split up next weekend amongst four different meets. These include the Battle on the Bayou Invitational, the Stanford Invitational, the CSU Pueblo Open, and the Jack Christiansen Invitational.

Full results from the meets:

San Diego's - https://goaztecs.com/documents/2024/3/24/45th_Aztec_Invitational_Full_Results_21-23Mar2024.pdf
Pueblo's - https://www.goinguplive.com/ul_files/2024/111/final results.pdf
Preview for this weekend's meets (Looks like the team is no longer sending anyone to Pueblo for its meet, so there are 3 meets.) - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/3/28/...ree-track-and-field-meets-across-three-states


Colorado Set to Compete in Three Track and Field Meets Across Three States​

By: Herman Shelton, Associate Director/Athletic Communications

– Colorado's track and field team will enter its second weekend of the outdoor season with a multi-front approach on Friday and Saturday. The sprinters will head to LSU's Battle on the Bayou, the distance runners will participate in the Stanford Invitational, and the fielders along with multi-athletes will take part in CSU's Jack Christiansen Invitational.
Meet Info:
Battle on the Bayou – Friday, March 29 – Saturday, March 30
Venue – Bernie Morre Track Stadium [5,680], Baton Rouge, La.
Meet Info | Performance List | Schedule | Live Results

Standford Invitational – Friday, March 29 – Saturday, March 30
Venue – Cobb Track and Angell Field [2,158], Stanford, Calif.
Meet Info | Performance List | Schedule | Live Results | Watch

Jack Christiansen Invitational – Friday, March 29 – Saturday, March 30
Venue – Jack Christiansen Track, Fort Collins, Colo.
Meet Info

Battle of the Bayou

In Baton Rouge at the Battle on the Bayou, the Buffs will have 13 runners competing. On the women's side, Joy Moorer, Emma Pollak, and Abbey Glynn will each participate in two events. Moorer will compete in the 200-meter and 400-meter races, while Pollak and Glynn will take on the 400-meter and 400-meter hurdles. Glynn, returning for her second trip to LSU, previously competed at the LSU Alumni Gold meet in April 2021, clocking a time of 54.50. Pollak, making her debut in Baton Rouge after a strong indoor season, started the outdoor season with a first-place finish at the CSU Pueblo Spank Blasing Invitation, recording a personal best of 59.06. Moorer, also making her Baton Rouge debut, will compete in the 200-meters and 400-meters.

On the men's side, Luc Andrada, Ian Gilmore, Tyler Williams, Nick Gehring, Luke Dry, Nelson Garrett, and Cole Romig will compete in Baton Rouge after an impressive showing at the CSU Pueblo Spank Blasing Invitational. The group secured three first-place finishes in the 400-meter hurdles, 4x400 relay, and the top three spots in the 400-meters race.

Andrada will compete in the 100-meters and 200-meters, narrowly missing his personal best mark of 10.46 by one hundredth of a second at the CSU Pueblo Spank Blasing Invite. Gilmore returns to LSU for his second trip since April 2021, participating in the 400-meters and the 4x400 relay, where he achieved a personal best of 21.06 in the 200-meters. Williams, coming off a strong opening weekend with a first-place finish in the 400-meters at CSU Pueblo, will compete in the 200-meters and 4x400 relay at LSU. Gehring and Dry will both participate in the 200-meters and 4x400 relay after achieving personal bests last week. Nelson will compete in the 400-meter hurdles, while Romig will take on the 400-meter hurdles after recording a personal best of 51.84 in the event.

Stanford Invitational

At the Stanford Invitational, Ella Baran, Katie Doucette, Bailey Hertenstein, and Whitney Valenti will represent the women's side. Hertenstein returned to action after the NCAA West Preliminary Round last season, winning the 1500-meter run and will participate in the 5000-meter at Stanford. Baran will open her outdoor season with the 5000-meter after an impressive indoor performance at the NCAA Division I Indoor Track and Field Championships. Valenti achieved a personal outdoor best of 2:14.61 in the 800-meters and will compete in the 1500-meter. Doucette will participate in her first outdoor season for the Buffs in the 10,000-meter run.

On the men's side at Stanford, 13 runners will compete across various events. In the 800-meters, Greene and Lindrud will compete after strong performances at the CSU Pueblo Spank Blasing Invitational. In the 1500-meters, Hibbard and Appleton will look to improve on their performances from last week. In the 5000-meters, Appleton, Robertson, and Rauba will make their outdoor season debuts. In the 10,000-meters, Vancil, Fraser, Lindgreen, and Derouin will compete, with Derouin aiming to build on his personal best from last season at Stanford. Niednagel and Welch will participate in the 3000m Steeple Chase.CSU

Jack Christiansen Invite:

The Field and multi-athletes from CU will represent the university at the CSU Jack Christiansen Invite. Ten women are set to compete across five events, including Allie Routledge, Avery McMullen, Riley Ward, Lauren and Meghan Whyrick, Obi Mensah-Osafo, Amanda Opp, Bella Braun, Jada Green, and Alaina Fantaski.

Routledge will compete in the High Jump and Javelin, having started the season with a second-place finish at the 45th Aztec Invitational, clearing 1.76 meters. McMullen will also participate in the High Jump and Javelin, having secured three top-six finishes at the Aztec Invitational in the 200m (4th), 100mh (6th), and LJ (6th). Ward aims to improve in the high jump after competing in the Aztec Invitational. Whyrick, L., who finished second in shot put at the Aztec Invitational, will compete in that event again, while Whyrick, M., will compete in shot put after placing fifth at the CSU Pueblo Spank Blasing Invitational.

Osafo-Mensah, who ranked 10th in Discus throw at the 45th Aztec Invitational, seeks improvement in that event. Opp will participate in discus and hammer throw after securing second place in the hammer throw and sixth place in discus at the Aztec Invitational. Braun will compete in the hammer throw after finishing third in that event at the Aztec Invitational. Green, who started the outdoor season with a first-place finish in the javelin, aims to continue her success. Fantaski will make her CU debut, competing in the javelin.

The men's team will feature nine athletes across seven events: Troy Colleran, John Swabik, Aidan Christiansen, Ames Newman, Matt Ward, Laurence Atkinson, Lucas Williams, Isaiah Brouchard, and Gustavo Alfonson.

Colleran and Swabik will compete in four events: the 100-meter, high jump, discus, and javelin. Colleran, a multi-event athlete, will participate in these events for the first time this outdoor season. Swabik achieved personal bests in the 400m (49.24) and the 110mh (14.76) at the 45th Aztec Invitational. Christiansen will compete in the long jump after finishing 11th in that event at the Aztec Invitational, just short of his personal best.

Newman will open his outdoor season with shot put and discus events. Ward will compete in discus and hammer throw after a successful indoor season and a strong start to the outdoor season at the Aztec Invitational recording a first place finish in the hammer throw. Atkinson will participate in the discus and hammer throw after finishing fifth in both events at the Aztec Invitational. Williams will compete in discus and hammer throw after finishing sixth at the CSU Pueblo Spank Blasing Invitational. Bouchard will compete in the hammer throw after finishing fourth in that event at the Aztec Invitational. Alfonso will compete in the Javelin throw after placing third at the Aztec Invitational.

Next on the schedule, the Buffs will make their long-awaited return home for the first time since April 9, 2022. Potts Field underwent extensive renovations, featuring a new 4,000-square-foot support building along with accessible restrooms, two family restrooms, drinking fountains, concessions, and equipment storage. Additionally, the track recieved a new surface and infield natural turf.

The Buffs are set to host the Colorado Outdoor Invitational on April 5-6.

Direct links :

LSU meet:

Live results - https://live.deltatiming.com/meets/32798
Schedule (In central time) - https://static.lsusports.net/assets/docs/tf/pdf/20240329s.pdf

Stanford meet:

Live results - https://rt.trackscoreboard.com/meets/32924/events
Schedule (In Pacific time) - https://gostanford.com/documents/2024/3/27/final_schedule.pdf
Live stream (Only for those with a premium ($) Flosports / Flotrack subscription) - https://www.flotrack.org/events/6746493-2024-stanford-invitational
CSU meet -

Live results - ? (No link provided as I type this.) https://www.goinguplive.com/rapid/j...gh-school-invitational/meet-120/schedule.html
Schedule (Still tentative; on pg. 3 of linked Meet document.) - https://csurams.com/documents/2024/3/18/JC_Meet_Info__2_.pdf
Live stream - https://csurams.com/sports/2017/7/28/mountain-west-network
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Articles after this past weekend's action:

After Friday's action - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/3/29/colorado-track-and-field-shines-across-multiple-meets


Colorado Track and Field Shines Across Multiple Meets​

By: Herman Shelton, Associate Director/Athletic Communications

Colorado's track and field team displayed impressive performances across three different meets on the second week of competition. The team competed at the LSU Battle on the Bayou, Stanford Invitational and Colorado State Jack Christensen Invitational.

Jack Christinsen Invitational [Results]

Jack Christinsen Invitational In Fort Collins, Colo., the men's hammer throw event showcased strong performances by Colorado's athletes. Matt Ward secured second place with a throw of 63.26 meters (2207-06), leading the Buffs. Laurence Atkinson followed in fourth place with 52.06 meters, followed closely by Isaiah Bouchard (52.04m), Ames Newman (50.43m), and Lucas Williams (47.31m).
Among the women, Amanda Opp achieved fifth place with a throw of 56.79 meters (2186-04), while Bella Braun claimed seventh place with a distance of 54.23 meters (2177-11).
Colorado had 19 athletes competing on Saturday across five women's and seven men's events, starting with the women's shot put at 10 a.m. and the women's 100-meter hurdles at 12:20 p.m.

Battle on the Bayou [Results]

At the Battle on the Bayou, Abbey Glynn delivered a strong performance, finishing third in the highly competitive 400-meter hurdle race with a time of 56.89 seconds. Emma Pollak secured ninth place in 59.33 seconds, contributing to Colorado's two top-ten finishes in a field that included five athletes placing themselves on the 2024 NCAA D1 College Outdoor Rankings. Glynn's time of 56.89 seconds ranks her fourth in the nation.
In the men's 400m hurdles, Garrett Nelson placed seventh with a season-best time of 52.25 seconds, closely followed by Cole Romig at 52.26 seconds for an eighth-place finish. Nelson currently ranks 33rd in the nation.
Joy Moorer finished the 200 meters in 24.87 seconds, just five-hundredths of a second off her personal best of 24.31 seconds.

Stanford Invitational [Results]

At the Stanford Invitational, notable performances were recorded in the distance running events. Grady Rauba achieved a personal best in the 5000-meter run, finishing with a time of 14:01.26. Ella Baran claimed 12th place in the 5000m run with a time of 15:52.90, while Bailey Hertenstein secured ninth place with 15:42.77.
In the 1500-meter run, Whitney Valenti achieved ninth place with a personal best time of 4:31.33, and Drew Costelow finished 10th with a time of 3:54.89.
The men's and women's 10,000-meter run events had not started at the time of this writing.
The Buffs are set to return to action on Saturday to conclude all three meets before returning home to open the newly renovated Potts Field next weekend.

After Saturday's - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/3/30/...loes-conclude-busy-weekend-across-three-meets


Buffaloes Conclude Busy Weekend Across Three Meets​

By: Lauren Cawley, Athletic Communications

The Colorado track and field program competed on Saturday in its second day of competition at three different meets: the LSU Battle on the Bayou, the Stanford Invitational, and the CSU Jack Christensen Invitational.

Battle on the Bayou [Results]

At LSU, Abbey Glynn clocked 52.50 in the women's 400-meter for a third-place finish. This time is currently ranked fifth in the NCAA this season. Emma Pollak and Joy Moorer also competed in the event, placing 15th and 16th, respectively. Pollak ran 54.65, while Moorer ran a personal best 54.66.

The men's 4x400-meter relay team, consisting of Tyler Williams, Ian Gilmore, Luke Dry, and Nick Gehring placed seventh with a time of 3:08.99; this is ranked 15th in the NCAA this season.

Dry also competed in the men's 400, finishing 22nd with a time of 48.29. Luc Andrada represented the Buffs in the men's 100-meter, running 10.52 to finish 23rd.

Stanford Invitational [Results]

Ben Greene and Ryan Lindrud were the only Buffs to compete at the Stanford Invitational, Saturday. The duo toed the line for the men's 800-meter. Greene ran a time of 1:50.71, while Lindrud ran a time of 1:53.98.

Jack Christensen Invitational [Results]

The field athletes displayed strong performances at the CSU Jack Christensen Invitational, claiming four individual wins for the Buffs. Jada Green secured victory for the Buffs in the women's javelin with her mark of 49.54 meters (162-6.25), her second consecutive victory in back-to-back weeks, while Alaina Fantaski finished as runner-up, throwing 42.62 meters (139-9.75). Allie Routledge took third place spot with a distance of 37.70 meters (120-4.75).

In the women's shot put, Lauren Whyrick posted another win for the Buffs with her throw of 13.42 meters (44-0.25), and Meghan Whyrick placed third with a throw of 13.20 meters (43-3.50).

Allie Routledge cleared 1.71 meters (5-7.25) in the women's high jump to claim victory. Avery McMullen placed second with her leap of 1.66 meters (5-5.25).

Matt Ward and Laurence Atkinson represented CU in the men's discus. Ward threw 51.33 meters (168-4.75) for fourth, and Atkinson placed fifth in 59.59 meters (162-8.25). In the women's event, Amanda Opp marked 41.01 meters (134-6.50) to place fifth, while Obi Osafo-Mensah took sixth place with her toss of 40.37 meters (132-4.25).

Gustavo Alfonso competed in the men's javelin, claiming first with a throw of 54.91 meters (180-1.75), while, John Swabik finished third with a mark of 47.43 meters (155-7.25). Swabik also competed in the men's high jump, securing fourth place with a height of 1.93 meters (6-3.75). Aidan Christiansen placed second in the men's long jump, jumping 6.88 meters (22-6.75).

The Buffs will be back in action on their home track at the Colorado Invitational next weekend, starting on Friday, April 5. The Buffs return to Potts Field for the first time since 2022. Potts Field underwent major renovations, with CU installing a new track and new turf in the infield, while also reconfiguring the long jump pit, javelin area, and high jump area. The Colorado Invitational will kick off on Friday, April 5, concluding on Saturday, April 6.
Wanted to mention that the team's only outdoor regular season meet (after an earlier season one was cancelled due to weather) is this weekend. Hope some Buff fans can come out and see what, in addition as being a great chance to see some great athletes competing, will also be an opportunity to see the new facilities in what I assuming will also be a chance for the organizers to treat it as a dry run for the Pac 12 Championships (coming to Boulder starting May 10th).

(From the preliminary schedule in the Meet info document ( https://cubuffs.com/documents/2024/4/1/2024_CU_Invitational_Meet_Info.pdf), looks like the Friday action (javelin and hammer throws only) begins at 2:00 PM MT, while all the action in both the field and on the track is scheduled to start at 11:00 AM MT on Saturday.)

As the week goes on, assume more info will become available at the team's home meet homepage at https://cubuffs.com/sports/2019/1/31/home-meet-information .
I'd say definitely the Buffs' MVP this past weekend.


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Due to anticipated weather, the WHOLE meet has been moved to tomorrow (Friday), with an early start planned -

(Wonder if many athletes from other schools now won't be competing?)
Preview for tomorrow's (Friday's) home meet, which due to anticipated weather is scheduled to start EARLY - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/4/4/track-and-field-buffs-set-to-host-cu-invitational-friday

(Note - with it being the last (and only) regular season meet, it also constitutes the teams' Senior Day.)

BOULDER - The Colorado track and field program will host the Colorado Invitational on Friday due to anticipated inclement weather on Saturday. This marks the team's first outdoor home meet of the season and its return to Potts Field for the first time since 2022.

CU Invitational - Friday, April 5
Venue - Potts Field and Indoor Practice Field (IPF)
Final Schedule | Live Results | Tickets

Venue Opens at 8:00am for fans at Potts Field
IPF opens at 1:30pm for fans
Parking: Fans can park in Lots 543 and 544
Clear bag policy in effect

The day will begin at 9:00 a.m. with the men's 3,000-meter run, while field events are set to start at 11:00 a.m.

The pole vault and high jump events will take place indoors at the IPF starting at 11:00 a.m.

Tyler Williams will lead the Buffs in the 400 meters, competing alongside Nick Gehring, Luke Dry, and Ian Gilmore. Following this, the squad will return to the track for the men's 4x400 meters, building on their 15th-ranked NCAA performance from last weekend at the LSU Battle on the Bayou. Gehring, Gilmore, and Williams will also participate in the 4x100 meters, joined by Luc Andrada.

The field events are expected to showcase strong performances from the Buffs. Gustavo Alfonso is anticipated to excel in the javelin after his victory at the Jack Christensen Invitational last weekend. Matt Ward and Laurence Atkinson will lead the Buffs in the men's discus, with Aidan Christiansen competing in the long jump.

Abbey Glynn will take on the 400-meter hurdles, the 4x400, and anchor the 4x100. Glynn recently achieved a top-five NCAA performance in the 400 at the LSU Battle on the Bayou. Emma Pollak and Joy Moorer will also compete in the 400 hurdles.

Glynn, Moorer, Pollak, and Kara Lucky will participate in the 4x100. The women's team will also feature in the 4x400 later in the afternoon, composed of Glynn, Moorer, Pollak, and Reese Renz.

Avery McMullen will represent CU in the 200-meter and lead the way for the Buffs. She will also compete in the long jump alongside Lucky, who consistently performs well in the event.

Jada Green and Alaina Fantaski will compete in the javelin after their first and second-place finishes in the event at last weekend's Jack Christensen Invitational.
Allie Routledge, who secured victory at CSU, is expected to lead the Buffs in the high jump.

Next up, the Buffs will head to Azusa, California, to compete in the Bryan Clay Invitational from April 11-13.

(With the schedule change, assume the hat giveaway is also on Friday.?.)

Direct links:

Final schedule -

Live results - http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Colorado_School_of_Mines/CU_Invitational_/index.html
Article after the senior day meet -

Direct link - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/4/5/t...-one-day-colorado-invitational-due-to-weather

BOULDER – After last-minute changes due to weather conditions, the Colorado men's and women's track and field teams had an action-packed one-day meet here at the new-look Potts Field on Friday. The Buffaloes celebrated 28 track and field and cross country athletes for Senior Day at Potts to wrap up a successful Colorado Invitational.

"This is probably my 32nd April, Colorado dual meet and this was the most complicated last 48 hours I've ever experienced," head coach Mark Wetmore said of dealing with the weather conditions. "We changed days and venues over and over again. Alex Hoots and Jose [Lopez-Tanori] and Casey Malone, the meet director, just jumped through hoops to make it happen and it turned out to be a very good day."

The Buffs had a very good day on the track as well, racking up nine top-three finishes between both the men and women.

Luc Andrada and Reese Renz started it off by both placing second in their respective races. Renz ran the 100-meter hurdles and finished in 14.43 while Andrada ran the 100-meters and set a personal record of 10.34.

Later on, first-place finishes started piling up for the Buffs. On the men's side, Ian Gilmore took the 400-meter race with a time of 46.76 while Luke Dry was just behind him for a second-place finish in 47.01. Garrett Nelson then placed first in the 400-meter hurdles with a personal best time of 51.24. Colton Romig finished third in the 400m hurdles and also set a personal record in the event.

In the women's 400m hurdles, Colorado accomplished a clean sweep with Abbey Glynn finishing first in 56.51, Emma Pollak finishing second in 59.60 and Joy Moorer placing third in 1:01.45.

The Buffs dominated the field events too with 12 top-three finishes. In the men's long jump, Aidan Christiansen finished first with a PR and John Swabik finished second, also with a PR. On the women's end, Avery McMullen placed third in the long jump with a distance of 6.18m.

Colorado's women's team added another sweep as Allie Routledge, McMullen and Riley Ward took all three spots on the podium in the high jump. Routledge came in first with a mark of 1.72m while McMullen and Ward both reached 1.67m.

The Buffs fared well in throwing events as CU was led by Jada Green with a first-place finish in the javelin throw. Not far behind her was Alaina Fantaski in second with a throw of 43.70m.

Matt Ward picked up two third-place finishes in the discus throw and hammer throw while the CU sisters, Lauren Whyrick and Meghan Whyrick, took second and third in the women's shot put.

The Colorado Invitational ended up being an all-around fantastic day for the athletes, coaches and fans that showed out. The meet wouldn't have been able to take place without all of the staff that made it possible despite the incoming weather.

What made today possible was everyone's commitment to making the meet happen," said Alex Hoots, the Assistant AD of Stadium Operations. "Everyone from coaches here at CU to visiting teams, to external staff being willing and able to pivot shifts and our internal team working as a cohesive unit to put on the best one day meet we could in our brand new facility!"

The Buffs will head to Azusa, California next week to compete in the Bryan Clay Invitational April 11-13.
Big meet (for the distance runners and some multi-eventers) starting today.

Preview article - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/4/10/...ado-runners-ready-for-bryan-clay-invitational

BOULDER – The Colorado men's and women's track and field teams are heading to California this week to compete in the Bryan Clay Invitational at Azusa-Pacific University along with hundreds of other programs.

It is a three-day meet at Cougar Stadium with events starting at 10 a.m. MT on Thursday, 8 a.m. on Friday, and 8:30 a.m. on Saturday.

"We have a group of multi-event people and middle and long-distance runners competing over dozens of events for three days," head coach Mark Wetmore said ahead of the meet. "It is quite an undertaking. I have no doubt that many will have 'personal bests'. Let's hope that some take useful steps toward Pac-12 level contribution."

The Buffs are coming off of their first home meet of the outdoor season, the Colorado Invitational, where they celebrated their seniors and saw several first-place finishes on the track and on the field.

Colorado looks to carry that momentum into this weekend as the Buffs are sending large groups of distance athletes to compete in the meet. A total of 27 men and 11 women from the distance squads will rep the Black and Gold on the track.

Eva Bruce is the only multi athlete from the women's side making the trip to Azusa as she will be competing in the heptathlon. Troy Colleran, Drake Miller and John Swabik will be taking part in the decathlon. Both the heptathlon and decathlon will start on Thursday and conclude on Friday.

"We quite often get good marks in the multi's here," Wetmore went on to say. "This will be their first attempts of the outdoor season, I believe. The distance runners will also expect excellent conditions and competition, perhaps some regional qualifiers here and there."

Most of the multi and field athletes are staying in Boulder as they prepare for the Mt. SAC Relays next week while the distance runners look to make a big splash in Azusa starting Thursday.

Final schedule - https://athletics.apu.edu/documents/2024/4/5/2024_Bryan_Clay_Meet_Schedule__5_.pdf

Page with links to entry and / or start lists for the various types of events being competed - https://www.finishedresults.com/meets/4836

Live results - https://finishedresults.trackscoreboard.com/meets/11836/events

(Live video is available for those who have a (premium) Flotrack subscription.)