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    Final thoughts before Pac-12 Championship

    Hello all, I was looking forward to Fraternizing with the Enemy for this week, but in all honesty, the Washington writer I contacted (who seems like a wonderful girl) did the answers last minute in the back of an Uber as she headed to her hotel last night in Santa Clara. The answers weren't...
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    Pick Six (CU Independent football podcast) Week of Wazzu, Zona recap

    Here's this week's Pick Six. Take a listen y'all!
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    Quotes-- postgame vs. Arizona

    Regarding the day of college football on Saturday, which saw many upsets and the level of excitement for the final two, huge, contests vs. Wazzu and Utah. Sefo Liufau: I don't know who lost but the most important thing is that we came out here and we won today. It was a bit of ups and downs and...
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    What to make of CU's win over Zona

    You shouldn't be that happy with CU's win over Zona. Last week after Tuesday's practice, I asked coach Mac if he at all used Wazzu's throttling of Zona last week as a gauge of what to expect from his team; would CU's performance vs. Arizona be fair to compare with Washington State's game...