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'18 CO OLB Adrian Jackson (Signed to Oregon)


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Saturday's another opportunity to show Jackson that everything he wants is in his home state.


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Similar frame to Von Miller had in high school. He probably doesn't have he same elite spead but he's got to be at least close considering he plays safety and WR right now. I agree he needs to be priority number one.


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who told Land of 10 in August that he was not really considering any schools other than Ohio State. “I’m not really looking in at other schools,” Jackson said then. “Not right now.
What’s he saying now that he’s been back to Columbus for the first time since camping with the Buckeyes in June?
“They’re still number one,” Jackson said. “It was the best visit.”
So, Ohio State is still No. 1 on his list but is he still thinking about an early decision?
“I am still thinking about it,” Jackson said. “I want to wait for all that after my junior season is over. Ohio State is just waiting for me to make the decision.”

Doesn't umm.. look good.


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New update on Rivals that isn't high on his play lately (free): https://n.rivals.com/news/pac-12-breakdown-west-stock-report

Recruitment: Ohio State is the early front-runner for Jackson but Nebraska, Washington, Colorado and many other programs are still pursuing the 2018 four-star prospect.
Analysis: First, the positive: Jackson is one of the better-looking prospects in the West. He’s long, lean, athletic, he can cover a lot of ground and those things could help propel him into the college game. Plus, he was playing safety when we saw him and almost everybody is recruiting him to play outside linebacker. But Jackson seems downright disinterested at times, didn’t make a ton of plays at defensive back when there were opportunities and needs to find that constant eye-of-the-tiger mentality to really reach his maximum potential.


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It looks like #NewEra is the slogan for 2017. I've seen it only associated with next year tweets

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Just bumping this to remind people of a top defensive target in this class. Ohio State is going to be tough to beat, but we definitely have moved into the conversation over the past several months.

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Good luck to him. Never really had a chance of getting him, not that he was a major guy for us... I hope... Very underwhelming tape.