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'20 TNFR SDE Antonio Alfano (SIGNED and ENROLLED with COLORADO)


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Anyone see his update? Any idea why he’s in the hospital? I can’t upload the screenshot, apparently too large no matter how much I crop it.


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I guess there’s not a lot of interest in this
On another football note, I have seen some fans curious about a photo that Antonio Alfano posted on Instagram that shows him in the hospital getting an IV. From what I'm told, it's nothing serious. He caught a bug that's been going around, but should be OK.
- Howell’s chat today




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Everything reported about Alfano is that the process takes forever and we are not going to get a decision until later in the summer. Maybe someone in the AD needs to call Cinci and ask how they got a decision so fast.

I agree that this sets a good precedent for Alfano's case since Ford was on the team all season and actually played in games.
I'm thinking satan made a call on his behalf, everyone knows who is really in charge of College Football