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2019 Men's basketball general off-season news thread


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Figured this might be a good general thread to start.

1st off, best wishes to McKinley Wright for a full, quick and not too painful or inconvenient recovery.

Edit- oops. Just noticed this tweet is already in his recruiting thread. Will keep here anyways.
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He looks like he's still heavily medicated. Good for him.


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Anyone know the recovery period on this type of thing? Don't recall seeing it elsewhere.


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An informal update on Dallas Walton.

Considering his history I am not counting on him to stay healthy for us next year but for him and us I sure hope he is.

Even if he can be a part-time player for us you don't see many 7 footers who are as mobile and athletic as he is. He could be a difference maker for us next year.


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Bummer. He's gonna be a head coach soon, I was just hoping it was after a couple more years here. Just spit balling, I wonder if Tomlinson moves into that role?


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Bummer. He's gonna be a head coach soon, I was just hoping it was after a couple more years here. Just spit balling, I wonder if Tomlinson moves into that role?
I'd rather make Sean Kearney a full time assistant and backfill him with Tomlinson. Who else is available? Given Tad's comments when he confirmed the move, he's probably going to go with somebody from outside the program IMO. Good luck to Coach English at Tennessee (girlfriends alma mater so I have to root for them).


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So English was responsible for putting together this CU team through recruiting? If so, he did a very good job in that case.


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How do you see next years rotation, assuming there is no addition to the roster? (Brown or new recruit?) Lot's of flexibility and depth.

One small and 4 bigs (ala Oregon):
  1. Wright (Kountz, Gatling, Parqet)
  2. Schwarz (Daniels)
  3. Bey (Jombek)
  4. Battey (Siewert)
  5. Walton (Rider)
Two small and 3 bigs (most likely arrangement in most games):
  1. Wright (Kountz, Parquet)
  2. Gatling (Daniels, Kountz)
  3. Bey and Schwarz (Jombek)
  4. Battey and Bey (Siewert)
  5. Walton and Battey (Rider)
Strating-likely few minutes. Daniels and Jombek are unknowns.

Medford M.

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I'd say Battey will prob start. Having Walton available will be a big boost as we'll have a true big with experience to spell either Bey or Battey.

In the back court, I agree Kountz takes over at 2 guard with he and Gatling as PG-2 and 2A.

Having Daniels and Gatling off the bench as 3 point threats will be nice.

I really think Dombek has a lot of potential. If nothing else he can be a super athletic 6'11" rebounder and rim runner.


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Yep, Gatling, Daniels, Lucas and Dombek give us some nice depth. Assuming Daniels and Dombek can play, we go 10 deep. Plus Parquet and Strating can provide some minutes.

This scenario worries me as this is where Tad falls down. When he has too many options he never settles on a solid 8-man rotation and everybody suffers.