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2023/24 TENNIS pre-season and season news, results and discussion (Team at The NIT Championships; Bradenton; Final vs. #2 seed Tulsa, 5/8, 9:30 AM MT)

Team gets the W 6-1 in a match that seemed much tighter (especially in the top 3 singles matches) than the overall score indicates.

Way to go Buffs!
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Note - Next up for the Buffs is a trip to Fort Collins to finish off non-conference play Sunday against the Rams. Historically, the Buffs (per https://cubuffs.com/sports/tennis/opponent-history/colorado-state/8) have a dominant 40-1 record against CSU, but assume CU should be extra-motivated this time around as that "1" for the Rams was in Boulder the last time CU faced them in dual team competition (in March of 2022).

Article after yesterday's (8th straight) W -

Direct link - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/2/23/tennis-buffs-win-eighth-straight-match-down-northern-arizona


Buffs Win Eighth Straight Match, Down Northern Arizona​

By: Aiden Tank, Athletic Communications Associate

The No. 65 Colorado Buffaloes tennis team added another win to the ledger with a 6-1 defeat of Northern Arizona Friday night at the Meadows Club. The win continues to add to the historic start to the season, with the Buffs 10-1 record matching the best 11-match start since 1997.

Playing in the only match at the Meadows Club this season, Colorado quickly gave the standing-room-only crowd something to cheer about in doubles against Northern Arizona (1-3). The duos of Ema Bubalo and Anya Nelson along with Mila Stanojevic and Elys Ventura swept the doubles points and moved the match to singles.

On the same two courts as doubles two new Buffaloes took the court, and Alexandra Abyasova and Betina Tokac cruised in straight sets at No. 5 and No. 4 singles respectively to put the Buffs up 3-0 and one match away from clinching.

After Northern Arizona got its first win of the night to give them a little life, Aya El Sayed put the stamp on the match. After dropping the second set, El Sayed found herself down 2-1 at the start of the third but would go on to break her opponent winning the final five games to clinch the match.

"I'm proud of our performance tonight," head coach Anthony Pham said on the night. "The fans always do a good job here at Meadows of showing up. Credit to Northern Arizona for battling. You always want the match to be straightforward, but it's good to see your team push through some tight moments. Mila was down and came back.
All those moments help build confidence and will benefit us moving forward."

With the match being played out Pia Rebec and Mila Stanojevic tacked on two more wins to close out the night in style.

For the Buffs, when the lineup used on Friday night, the Buffs are undefeated at No. 3, 4, 5, and 6 singles.

Up Next
The Buffs head to Fort Collins to take on in-state rival Colorado State on Sunday at Noon. The Buffs will look to close out non-conference play with the best start in program history.
"CSU will also be a good match for us, it's our last non-conference match," El Sayed said on playing Colorado State. "It's going to be a good match; we're already looking forward to it."

Colorado 6, Northern Arizona 1
February 23, 2024
Boulder, Colo. (Meadows Tennis Club)
1. El Sayed/Rebec (CU) vs. Guadiana Campos/Shoshyna (NAU) 5-3, unf.
2. Stanojevic/Rebec (CU) def. Niewiadomska/Duhl (NAU) 6-4
3. Bubalo/Nelson (CU) def. Neyestani/Tumthong (NAU) 6-1
Order of Finish: (3,2*)


1. Aya El Sayed (CU) def. Patrycja Niewiadomska (NAU) 6-4, 4-6, 6-2
2. Ana Karen Guadiana Campos (NAU) def. Elys Ventura (CU) 7-6(3), 7-6(4)
3. Mila Stanojevic (CU) vs. Daryna Shoshyna (NAU) 6-4, 3-6, 7-5
4. Betina Tokac (CU) def. Dolavee Tumthong (NAU) 6-2, 6-2
5. Alexandra Abyasova (CU) def. Ava Neyestani (NAU) 6-0, 6-1
6. Pia Rebec (CU) vs. Andrea Noguera (NAU) 6-2, 6-1
Order of Finish: (5,4,2,1*3,6)
Congrats to the team for another win yesterday, the team's 10th in a row. (And, always good to beat the Rams.)

Way to go Buffs!

And, congrats to Ms. El Sayed (who plays both #1 singles and on the #1 doubles team) for winning her 100th match as a Buff!

Article after the latest win -

Direct link - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/2/25/tennis-el-sayeds-100th-win-powers-no-65-buffs-over-csu

By: Aiden Tank, Athletic Communications Associate

Colorado's Aya El Sayed won her 100th career match on Sunday and the No. 65 Buffaloes' tennis team closed out non-conference play with a 4-1 win over Colorado State on the road at the CSU Tennis Complex. The win extends the Buffs win streak to 10 matches.

Anthony Pham's Buffs improved to 8-1 away from Boulder this year while improving the overall record to 11-1, with the best non-conference winning percentage in program history. The Rams fell to 4-4 on the season. Colorado finished the month of February 9-0.

For the first time since competing at the ITA Kickoff nearly a month ago, Colorado competed outdoors and it showed early on in the match. It took some time to adjust to the different conditions and make the necessary adjustments.

After losing the doubles point, the Buffs began to find their footing in singles with the catalyst being Elys Ventura. From the outset of the match, Ventura controlled the courts, losing only three games total in her straight-set win to tie the match for Colorado.

"We played Friday night indoors, and we got a little bit yesterday outside but it's just a good maturity about them," Pham commented on playing outside. "Whatever the circumstances are, wherever we got to play inside outside, at home or away, we just compete. I think it's a good trait of a good team."

"It's crazy, one of my teammates was just telling me and I was like 100 is a big number," El Sayed on winning her 100th match. "I don't know, I'm just happy I made it this far and hopefully from now on, I can continue building this stuff."

For El Sayed the match was no walk in the park, she had to battle back in both of her sets, the first ending in a tiebreaker, the second 6-3 win to give the Buffs a 4-1 win.

"Aya is Ms. Consistency," Pham said on El Sayed. "She went from playing three, four last year to one this year and the great thing is you know what you're going to get from her all the time. It's good when your, your best player exhibits the values and characteristics your program is about, hard work, being a really good teammate, being a good person, and just bring it every day."

Colorado moves to 6-0 on the season when this lineup is on the court, remaining undefeated at No. 3, 4, 5, and 6 singles in those six matches.

"I'm proud of our group, Pham said on the win. "Match after match, no matter what the circumstances are, whether we're inside or outside, windy or not windy they just come out and compete. If you do the right things over and over and you battle good things are going to happen."

No. 65 Colorado 4, Colorado State 1
February 25, 2024
Fort Collins, Colorado (CSU Tennis Complex)

1. Buzkova/ Zhadzinskaya (CSU) def. El Sayed/Rebec (CU) 6-3
2. Lennon/Weekley (CSU) def. Stanojevic/Ventura (CU) 6-3
3. Bubalo/Nelson (CU) vs. Richterova/Voeks (CSU) 5-4, unf.
Order of Finish: (2,1*)


1. Aya El Sayed (CU) def. Zara Lennon (CSU) 7-6(3), 6-3
2. Elys Ventura (CU) def. Radka Buzkova (CSU) 6-1, 6-2
3. Mila Stanojevic (CU) vs. Sarah Weekley (CSU) 6-1, 5-7, 3-4, unf.
4. Betina Tokac (CU) def. Luana Avelar (CSU) 6-1, 6-3
5. Alexandra Abyasova (CU) def. Sarka Richterova (CSU) 7-6(3), 6-4
6. Pia Rebec (CU) vs. Viktoryia Zhadzinskaya (CSU) 6-7(1), 6-2, 4-3, unf.
Order of Finish: (2,4,5,1*)

With non- conference over, thought it would also be a good/ fun time to see how the Pac 12 in general is doing. And, as usual, looking at the latest ITA poll (dated 2/20 - https://colleges.wearecollegetennis...ionType=DIV1&matchFormat=TEAM&date=2024-02-20) , there are both great top-end teams, and lots of depth, in the conference. Teams ranked (Note that the ITA ranks (or it may be a mathematical rating?) the top 75):

  • #3 Stanford
  • #5 USC
  • #17 Cal
  • #29 UCLA
  • #34 Washington
  • #37 ASU
  • #42 Arizona
  • #50 Utah
  • #53 Oregon
  • #64 Buffs
(Note - OSU doesn't look to field a team, so WSU is the only school with a team that's not ranked.)

Hope some folk can come out and support the team at the conference opener, which is against Oregon on Friday March 8th, with a scheduled 11:00 AM MT 1st serve.
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Preview in front of the team's conference season opener Friday hosting the Ducks -

Direct link - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/3/5/tennis-buffs-continues-on-the-right-track

BOULDER – Almost three years ago Anthony Pham took over the Colorado Buffaloes tennis program. After slowly growing and improving, the program is coming off of a 9-0 month of February and an 11-1 start to the season, the best in program history, a sign of things to come for Colorado tennis.

When Pham took over for former head coach Danielle Steinberg, the Buffs were coming off a season where they posted the best conference record since joining the Pac-12 in 2010. For Pham the vision was simple, bring in good people above all else.

"For me, it's always been about finding good people first and foremost, good students, and good tennis players," Pham said on his original vision for the program. "But for us, we put such a premium on finding players who are good people first because we spend so much time with them every day that you just can't overlook something like that."

One of the first players who checked the boxes for Pham as a head coach was the now-junior Mila Stanojevic from Heidelberg, Germany. After deciding late in the game to go to college, Stanojevic was recruited by Pham in June of 2021 not knowing what she was looking for having never been to the United States.

After speaking with Pham, the two things that stood out to Stanojevic were the strong academics and the high-level athletic program being in at a Power 5 conference, but upon her arrival in August she saw so much more.

"I came here and I realized that Boulder is an amazing place," Stanojevic said on her first thoughts of Colorado. "The culture here, it didn't take me a lot of adopting from back home to come here, it was the perfect choice for me. The campus is beautiful, it is one of the best in the country. Everyone was insanely nice; I did not expect that compared to Germany. Everyone was so nice all the time, in the facilities and outside in the community. We get treated so well with a fueling station and just the whole everything around it is just perfect here."

The first season together there was a learning curve for both the players as well as for Pham as a coach, finishing the first season 8-14. Part of that adjustment was getting used to college dual play, as opposed to individual competition. For Stanojevic that was not an easy adjustment her freshman season.

"The fall is more similar to what you're experiencing before competing in college, you play individually and it's not so much with the team," Stanojevic on the adjustments to college tennis. "When spring hit, it was just like, 'Oh my god', this is a completely different way of playing tennis, but it made tennis way more fun. To experience it in that way made freshman year a challenge. It was a new environment to come into, but it was so fun."

Pham and the rest of the Buffs grew together in their second season, winning 13 matches total including the first Pac-12 Tournament win and the team's first postseason appearance since 2006-07, advancing to the semifinals of the first-ever National Invitational Tournament.

The Buffs also recorded the most dual wins in a season, 13, since winning 16 in 2006-07.

This season, Colorado returned seven of eight players from its previous milestone year and Pham had already begun thinking of what a special year could be on the horizon, the day the season ended a year ago.

"We had a lot of firsts, a lot of steps forward, now hopefully with the group we have coming back and the group we have incoming, we're hungry for more. We can't be content," Pham said about the returning players. That was the sentiment shared by the returning players, as they reflected on the previous season.

"Last year we made it to the NIT, and that was fun to be able to play in the postseason, but it was not because we knew that we were capable of achieving more," Stanojevic on last season.

Going into the 2023-24 season Pham added three new freshmen Ema Bubalo, Willow Gretsch, and Pia Rebec to the roster bringing the team to 10 players for the fall season. That would not be the last addition, Pham added Alexandra Abyasova a transfer from Illinois State right before the start of the dual season for some added veteran presence.

With the roster fully formed, the season began at the annual ITA Kickoff where they faced off against a familiar foe in Stanford, ranked No. 2 in the country at the time. The match proved to be a sign of the changing tides for Colorado tennis. The Buffs won the doubles point and took the lead early against Stanford. The point was the first ever against the Cardinal in program history. Although the match ended in a 4-1 loss it was a monumental step in the right direction for the program.

Directly after the loss, the Buffs would go on a run, winning 10 straight, the second-longest winning streak in program history. The current winning streak includes a win against now No. 69 UNLV, going 7-0 away from Boulder, and a perfect 9-0 month of February the most wins in a perfect month in program history.

When asked what makes this group different, Pham believed it was the team's buy-in, "I think it's the buy-in. We've got a good group of upperclassmen and freshman, players who have been here for three years, two years, one year and I think it's gotten to a point now where they understand what the expectations are, the standards and they try to uphold those daily."

Both Pham and Stanojevic realize that the University of Colorado is a special place not only for them but for all involved. For anyone who wonders why would someone choose to play, attend, or support Colorado they strongly believe in what is being built.

"The program has changed so much, we're in such a good spot," Stanojevic says on why you should choose Colorado. "Now we're changing to the Big 12 where tennis is very strong, we're going to play against good programs and the competition will be very good. The facilities here are nice and the athletics are great. The team culture has changed to where we consider ourselves a family. We support each other in a way that I think it's very unique compared to other programs. The coaching staff is great. Anthony [Pham] has been here for the last three years and knows what he's doing, he's amazing. I wouldn't have wanted any other head coach."

For Pham, he has a slightly different approach, "Why not? You come to campus it's beautiful. The weather is great, we get over 300 days of sunshine. I've been fortunate to work at a couple of larger institutions and I can honestly say, we have the best support staff here. Top to bottom, our AD Rick [George], our sports supervisor, training, sports, medicine, nutrition, everyone that that comes to do contact with our team daily is unbelievable. Every little thing that a student-athlete and more needs to be successful."

For the players and coaches, they will begin Pac-12 play against Oregon this Friday at the Rocky Mountain Tennis Center at 11 a.m. With the start of the final stretch of the season beginning, and while an NCAA appearance is the goal, the growth of the program cannot be understated. But for Stanojevic, as she looks back on her first three years before the home stretch of the season, one thing came to mind.

"My time at Colorado has been the most fun three years of my life so far, this has been the best experience I could have had."


As always, assume a link for live scoring will be available at https://www.statbroadcast.com/events/statmonitr.php?gid=colo sometime before the match begins.

Go Buffs!!!
Without playing a match, the team fell 6 places in the ITA Rankings this week (which makes me assume they may be based on a mathematical/ statistical formula rather than a poll of coaches or media?)

Preview for this weekend's matches -

Direct link - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/3/14/...-to-washington-for-first-conference-road-trip


No. 51 Buffs Travel to Washington for First Conference Road Trip​

By: Aiden Tank, Athletic Communications Associate

The No. 51 Colorado Buffaloes tennis team hit the road for the first time this season for Pac-12 play. The Buffs will start on Friday in Seattle Wash. against No. 29 Washington and finish the weekend on Sunday against Washington State.

"Every match in the Pac-12, every team in the Pac-12 is good," head coach Anthony Pham said on the weekend. "This weekend presents a good challenge for our team. Washington is a perennial top 20 program and they always play well at home. Washington State is always tough to play in Pullman, but I think our team is eager and ready to take on the challenge."

In the second weekend of conference play Colorado (12-1, 1-0) will look to continue the best start in program history by taking full control of the longest winning streak in program history. The Buffs have won 11 straight matches, tying the program record for most consecutive matches won in a single season, set in 1988.

To do that, Colorado must take down No. 29 Washington (10-6, 0-2) on Friday at the Bill Quillian Stadium at 2:30 MT. The Huskies are coming off three straight losses to top 20 teams; No. 9 USC, No. 11 Ohio State, and No. 18 UCLA. Despite the rough stretch for the Huskies, they have taken down four ranked teams earlier in the season; No. 26 Baylor, No. 46 Illinois, No. 54 Memphis, and No. 59 San Diego State.

Last season Colorado beat Washington for the first time since 1991, winning in one of the most thrilling finishes in Colorado history. After being down 3-0, the Buffs rattled off four straight singles victories to upset the Huskies who were ranked No. 16 at the time. It was only the eighth time defeating a team ranked No. 16 or better and for just the second time in the past 16 seasons.

"With matches like that where you are playing a good team and coming back and winning in the fashion that we did was incredibly pivotal," Pham said on the victory over Washington last season. "We provide ourselves on competing and our fitness and those are things that show up in matches daily."

Three of the four wins came from the top producers of this year's team. Aya El Sayed has still yet to lose a Pac-12 match, Mila Stanojevic has started the season 9-1 in singles and 9-2 in doubles, and Betina Tokac is unbeaten at No. 4 singles at 9-0.

On top of the hot starts from the returning players, newcomers Alexandra Abyasova and Pia Rebec are undefeated at No. 5 and No. 6 singles for a combined 10-0 on the season.

"Depth is huge in any sport and for our team, it's no different," Pham said on the depth of the team. "We're confident in whoever we have to put into the lineup because I think our players and our team do a good job daily preparing themselves because they know that the opportunity could come at any time."

With the lineup of El Sayed, Elys Ventura, Stanojevic, Tokac, Abyasova, and Rebec the Buffs are 7-0 and have only lost one match between No. 3 and No. 6 singles.

On Sunday the Buffs will travel south to Pullman to take on Washington State (8-4, 0-2) at the Outdoor Tennis Center at Noon.
To follow the team's matches live:
Vs. Washington:
Live scoring -

Live video streams (Looks to give option of which court to watch.) - https://admin.gohuskies.com/gameday/womens-tennis-vs-colorado/wten/417/

Vs. WSU:
Live scoring -
(Nothing available as I type this, but link should be available at https://www.statbroadcast.com/events/statmonitr.php?gid=colo by the time the match begins.)
Match day!
(Both this match and today's lacrosse game will be taking place EARLY in the morning where I am, so I probably won't be updating either until they're done. Anyone else who happens to follow the video or live scoring of either are welcome to post with any updates.)

The Buffs earned the doubles point, but #29 Udub got all 4 of the completed singles matches for a 1-4 final score, ending the Buffs winning streak. From the individual scores, looks like the Buffs were competing hard, as they lost one match on a 2nd set tie breaker, and 3 of the matches (2 left uncompleted) went 3 sets.

Now CU is off to Pullman for a BIG Sunday noon matchup.
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Similar to Friday's Washington match, the Buffs won the doubles point, but the home team Cougars got the job done in singles, although at least the Buffs won 1 of them. Final is WSU 2-4. (Once again the team competed hard, with 2 of the singles losses being 3 setters.)

(Assume the team will grow from this and be improved for its next matches, although they won't be easy, as they next head to the Bay Area for more road matches, this time against #12 ranked Cal and #3 Stanford.)

Must be weather predicted to be coming to the Bay Area -


Preview for this weekend's matches -

Direct link - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/3/21/tennis-buffs-hit-the-road-for-two-top-10-matches-in-california

BOULDER – The Colorado Buffaloes tennis team travels back out west California for two top-10 matchups. The Buffs will start with No. 10 California on Friday, March 22 followed by No. 4 Stanford on Saturday, March 23.

Colorado (12-3, 1-2) will look to bounce back from two losses last weekend against Washington and Washington State. Despite the two losses head coach Anthony
Pham is confident that his team will bounce back, "With this group, we know they're a tough group they are very resilient. So, I don't expect any other than for us to go out and compete hard and give ourselves the best chance to be successful. The weekend in Washington was tough, but I think we learned a lot. I think looking forward to California and Stanford, two outstanding programs and we're going to go out there and fight and compete."

Last weekend the Buffs were unable to capitalize on opportunities to finish games out which ultimately led to the losses that snapped the 11-match winning streak. After almost two months without a loss, Pham believes the team will learn and grow moving forward.

"When you win and have success, it can be hard to learn a lot," Pham said. "When you don't have success, I think that's when you can reevaluate things and that's when you learn things. I think for us, we had a lot of opportunities but just didn't capitalize. Some of them were us, some were because of our opponents, so you have to credit them as well. I think for us next time when we're in those moments, it's being a little bit clearer about what we want to do and hopefully have more success because of it."

For the Buffs to bounce back they will have to upset two of the best teams in the country, starting with No. 10 California (8-3, 2-0) on Friday. This will be the first match against the Golden Bears this season after facing off twice a year ago.

The all-time series is 9-1 in favor of California with the lone win coming at home in 2021.

The following day Colorado will take on No. 4 Stanford (12-1, 2-0) for the second time this season. The first time was at the ITA Kickoff on January 26. The Buffs won the doubles point for the first time in 14 tries against the Cardinal.

Pham and the Buffs are aware of the golden standard that Stanford has been in women's tennis for years, but they know that they need to go out and put their best foot forward.

"Stanford is Stanford, right," Pham said. "They're the gold standard in women's collegiate tennis and I think last time we were optimistic with the product we put out there. I know this time around Stanford is going to be ready. For us, we have to go out there with the same mentality. No matter who we play, we are going to do what we can focus on and hopefully try to get better."

In both of these matchups, the Buffs will look to get a win in possibly the last time playing each other before switching to the Big 12 for Colorado and the ACC for California and Stanford.

The match times will be dependent on the weather. Pay attention to our social media for updates for this weekend.
Guess it's a rainout. (Bummer as I'm sure the team was looking forward for the chance to challenge themselves against the #4 Cardinal.)

Oh well, thankfully it's easy to find challenges in the Pac - next up are home matches next Friday and Sunday against the #9 Trojans and #16 Bruins.

Preview for this weekend's matches -

Direct link - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/4/4/tennis-buffs-return-home-for-two-top-15-matches

BOULDER – After three weeks on the road the Colorado Buffaloes Tennis team returns home to start the last home stand of the season starting on Friday against No. 9 USC followed by No. 14 UCLA on Sunday. The Buffs will look to take the court outdoors for the first time this season at the CU South Tennis Courts.

Rarely does a team gets two weeks between matches, especially during the middle of Pac-12 play, but that is the situation Colorado found themselves in. After over six hours of rain delays ended the match against Stanford in no contest followed by a week off due to spring break the Buffs have regrouped for the home stretch of the season.

"I think any season where you get some time like we did to just train and regroup, recharge, rest the bodies a little bit, and let the group get healthy is a good thing," head coach Anthony Pham on the break between matches. "I think that hopefully sets us up for a good finish here in the last month of the regular season."

The schedule does not get any easier for Colorado. Two top-15 teams and perennial powers come to Boulder starting with No. 9 USC on Friday at 1:30 p.m. outdoors at the CU South Tennis Courts. The Trojans bring in four ranked singles players and two ranked doubles duos.

The Trojans are coming off a week where they split on the road, falling to No. 5 Stanford, before taking down No. 11 California 4-3.

No rest for the Buffs, who have No. 14 UCLA on Sunday at 10 a.m. inside the Rocky Mountain Tennis Center to wrap up the weekend. The Bruins bring to town three top-80-ranked singles players and two ranked doubles pairings. Much like the Trojans they split last weekend in Northern California but swapped wins. The Bruins fell to No. 11 California, before beating No. 5 Stanford 4-3.

The Buffs will look for their first wins in program history against both teams holding a 0-15 record against USC and a 0-11 record against UCLA. For many of the players, playing in matches like this is what brought them to Colorado.

"I think that's why for a lot of them, they're here in the first place," Pham commented on taking on USC and UCLA. "They want to play the best players, the best teams in the country. We get it sounds trite but we treat every team with respect, whoever we play, we're going to have to compete hard and do a lot of right things well that day. UCLA and USC are two of the perennial programs in collegiate tennis and we will go out there and battle this weekend."

For Colorado, this will be the first time getting to host an outdoor match this season at CU South Tennis Courts. This season the Buffs have only played four matches in Boulder but have outscored their opponents 21-4.

"The weather looks pretty good for Friday," Pham said on playing outside. "I know the team is excited to hopefully play a whole match outdoors here in Boulder. We've been on the road this year a lot and I think we're excited to be at home."

Follow along on our team's Instagram and X accounts @cubuffstennis. Live scoring will be available here.

(As the article also notes, assume live scoring links will become available at https://www.statbroadcast.com/events/statbroadcast.php?t=1&gid=colo by the beginning of each match.)