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2023 Transfer Portal

There has to be more attrition coming.

Priority #1 has got to be Graham Ike from Wyoming to be our paint presence.

If we lose 2 more instead of 1 more, next guy should be a wing shooter. I want Brady Dunlap.
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Rumor is that he and even his parents have been berated by our fan base more than once. He was tired of it.
Yeah. He was not supported well by the CU community. Life's too short. I don't blame him for leaving. Especially since he didn't sulk and have it negatively impact his play.
If he and his dad were tired of being berated, then prove them wrong. Don’t run away. But I have to believe there was more to it. Maybe he just wasn’t comfortable in Boulder?
Ha, how soft is it when players are transferring due to some idiotic fans criticizing them? Is there a school he can transfer to where there are only fans who are ultra complimentary? If everyone’s not nice to me I’m leaving?

This seems like a really soft and not well thought out move.
This really sucks. Kid has promise and an off-season working with a post coach could turn him into a solid offensive player and a key piece to a Sweet 16 level team.

What did 4BienemyTDs do?
It was pretty bad at the games. There were enough assholes and not enough good fans, where every time he got the ball, the whole arena could hear people screaming, “Shoot, shoot, SHOOT!” Then if he shot and missed, huge groans and even people laughing. They were acting like he was a circus animal to make fun of or something. And not just that example, it was everything he did. It was honestly disgusting and made the season even less enjoyable for me than it would have been with just a subpar record. I just can’t imagine cheering for someone to fail so you can laugh with your idiot buddies when it’s someone on a team you supposedly love.
It will be interesting to see where he lands.

I wonder if this has anything to do with his Dad's tweet from last week. Hopefully there were not more "fans" telling Lawson how they felt about his basketball skills.
This is definitely a factor. His social feeds were full of fvcking dipdh!ts telling him how bad he was. This fan base is garbage.
I apologize for being critical online
I never even go on Twitter or anywhere else to talk about a player
I even ended the year with a compliment
You were benign. Incorrect and misguided, but benign. The people who do ridiculous **** in public probably sell their football tickets to Nubs and should be fired into the sun
**** stupid people who feel the need to go up to a 19 yr old kid and berate him in public.

**** all the people yelling stupid bull**** at him in games.

Karma is a bitch and will come calling next March.
It’s almost like that last game was his way to say “**** you” to the haters. I’m very disappointed he is leaving, but life is too short to have to put up with that kind of bull****.
There has to be more attrition coming.

Priority #1 has got to be Graham Ike from Wyoming to be our paint presence.

If we lose 2 more instead of 1 more, next guy should be a wing shooter. I want Brady Dunlap.
Sorry, but unless nique, Hadley, AND Luke leave, the last ****ing thing we need is another God damn wing