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'23 LA QB Arch Manning (Signed to Texas)


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Club Member


Isidore Newman HS (New Orleans, LA)


Ht: 6'0"
Wt: 160

247s rating: 5* - 98 grade; #1 QB-P (#1 overall)
ESPN rating:
Rivals rating: 5* - 6.1rr; #1 QB-P (#1 overall)

247sports Composite: 5* / 1.000 rating / #1 QB / #1 overall

Reported Offers: Alabama, Boston College, Duke, Georgia, LSU, North Carolina, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Texas
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I think I read somewhere that his recruitment is being kept very close to the vest. Makes sense with his family legacy and all. They’re doing their best to keep it from turning into a circus. To that end, I don’t think they’re even releasing the names of schools who have offered.
Are we even recruiting him? Didn’t see any contact or an offer.

He isn't "accepting" offers at this time.

“When it’s all said and done, he’s going to be the most highly recruited player out of the state of Louisiana,” says Mike Detillier, a longtime NFL draft analyst based in New Orleans. “It’s going to be a tsunami of recruiting like we’ve never seen.”

For now, though, there isn’t a ripple in sight. In an era of attention-seeking recruits and spotlight-craving parents, the Manning camp has gone dark. Coaches interested in extending a scholarship have been politely told not to bother. “We just say, ‘There’s no offer to give because there’s no offer to receive,’” says Stewart, 42, in his 14th year as Newman’s coach and a teammate of Cooper’s and Peyton’s in the 1990s.

Arch is not on social media, and he’s never done an interview. Except for a few benign comments, the usually accessible Mannings declined to speak about Arch for this story or to make him available. “They’re very private and protective of Arch,” says John Georges, a New Orleans businessman who owns the state’s two largest newspapers. “As much as they try to keep a lid on it, there’s a buzz. Certain people know how to raise thoroughbreds. The Mannings know how to raise athletes.”
Had to check Ole Miss, cuz they list 12 QBs on roster, including 4 So and 5 Fr, including 4 4* and 3 3*. Wtf?
I don’t see a CU offer listed for this kid. Who cares until they offer.
Not sure if you are serious. It has been publicly stated that he has no offers, because the Mannings (Arch, Cooper, and Archie) are not allowing or accepting any offers at this time. They can do this because they will pick where he goes. I think the process will be that they will visit a bunch of schools then tell which school to offer. I don't think this is going to be a normal recruitment.