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'23 TNFR WR Xavier Weaver (Committed to COLORADO)

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This is an absolutely massive addition! He was top 15 nationally in yards per route run in both 2021 and 2022 and should be a 4* transfer.

When Tyson is healthy we can throw out lineups of Weaver, Tyson, Horn, Traore, and Dylan Edwards. There just isn't a good way to cover that.
Nope, there isn't a good way to cover that. Better hope the rush gets there or you are pretty much covering the whole damn field.
3* .8800 transfer grade on 247
As much as I like Horn, Weaver played for the same team and was significantly more productive. I'm shocked he's not a 4 star.

Ultimately it won't matter when Weaver gets on the field, but him and Domineck being 4 stars would've really helped us lock down the #1 transfer ranking, which I think matters in terms of perception.