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Verbal to other '24 MO C Talan Chandler

Oh man… this really is a who’s who of college football…. RG3? Really? Wow.

Great to see Bakhtiari wanting to be back, too. We were so bad during most of his NFL career, I think I remember him listing his high school in his NFL intro video once…. (That might be a confabulated memory, though, due to PTSD.)
It definitely happened. And it wasn't just him. I remember Ken Crawley doing it as well.
No one is going to outwork Talan. Prime is going to love him.

When I hear McChesney, this is what immediately comes to mind.

nerds GIF

Of note with the pics.

People commenting on the dump truck, the kid is huge. Then you see the front view and he's missing the big belly. This is a guy who is legit huge, no some fat guy trying to be big enough to survive like we are used to.
And IOL prospects are downgraded vs the ratings given to guys who project as OTs, by rule. So he's actually a bit more highly regarded relative to his position than what the Composite number suggests. Really good prospect. Glad he's going to be a Buff.