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Best and worst fan bases to visit


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Second this. Some of their traditions are a little out there.....but they're really, really cool people.

Best experience: Kind of surprised Kansas State hasn't made this list. I was out there in 1999. Very friendly people-generous with their food/tailgates. We lost that day, but the experience was awesome altogether, and they were more than classy (and very happy to point us in the direction of a good place to eat afterwards). That's a road trip I'd definitely make again when we play out there again in 2028 IIRC.

Worst: Rammie fan has to be on here for me-Went to a BYU-CSU game in college with a kid I went to high school with (and I told my Mormon friend I'd be more than happy to wear BYU gear if he wanted that day) and they gave it to us like none other. They suck when we play 'em, too. Took a girl I had been off and on with for a while to MacIntyre's first game as HC here, and she wanted to meet with some Rammie friends of hers to tailgate. I was claid in CU gear, and they treated me like I had the ****ing plague.

****er tends to be worse when they're here-but they were salty after LY (had to ask six times for basic things like drinks and salt and pepper from the restaurant we were at). Was sitting in the visitor section at Folsom (my buddy got these tickets) for Bill Callahan's finale in 2007. They were regaling me of stories of them being hit with piss balloons, nails, and batteries....having their cars keyed (basically ****er being ****er).....and then they started making fun of D2 and staff for three quarters (can't blame them there). The fourth quarter happens-and I remember spending the last 10 minutes GUSHING loudly about how great I think Callahan is and how they should extend him.....that was fun. No fanbase is more fun to mock.
sure hope you stiffed the wait person and didn't leave a tip


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As I'm from Texas, I'm seeing typical impressions of Texas Uni fanbases.

TTU (one of my alma maters) - friendly, likes to talk **** with anyone who hates UT...in Texas, often considered a bunch of redneck hooligans well-known for tortilla throwing. Based in Lubbock, unfortunately and - trust me - most TTU students hate it as much as you do.

TAMU - "cultish," as someone mentioned, but pretty classy. Very into tradition - I've never been to a TAMU game and I hope we can go when they play CU in a couple of years. Regularly disparaged by UT as the school for idiots (Aggie jokes, anyone?). Based in College Station - which is ok; you're not that far from Houston or even Dallas, for that matter.

UT - I'm sure they have plenty of good fans, but many are stuck up and snobby about their team (they aren't called teasips for nothing, ya'll!). The worst are usually people who didn't even GO to UT, they just glommed on during the glory years or because their family supported UT or whatever. Pretty much every university in Texas talks **** about UT. [Note: Baylor fans are similar, but are generally even more holier-than-thou. I had an uncle who went to Baylor, but had a life long love of UT. Ugh.]

Rice (another of my alma maters - grad school, but still counts IMO) - hates UT with a passion that would surprise people who aren't familiar with old SWC rivalries (Rice is currently, a - in Conference USA and can't really compete when they play UT, and b - not that good at the moment). Rice is the most selective school in Texas, so it probably surpasses UT for "smartest student body."

University of Houston - you know, UH is a school that has a heavy commuting population so it doesn't seem that it has quite the undergraduate experience of some other schools. We went to a UH-Navy game a couple of years ago and, while people were tailgating, it didn't seem all that die-hard. At the game, there seemed to be a lot of milling around and people not paying attention, as well as trying to get out of the sun (even though it was NOVEMBER, Houston is still miserable).

Tsarbomba and I are headed to the CU at UCLA game this November so I guess I will get a glimpse at that fanbase.

Duff Man

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A&M is weird, but harmless. My roommate at CU married an Aggie, so I found myself in College Station a few times. The town is very meh, the campus is meh, but game day is not bad at all. They do take things a tad seriously (we were even in the student section where you expect some leeway). But yes, many beers offered and drank. Midnight Yell the night before an odd mix of cultish cheers and a dating spot.


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I personally love going to away games for my teams, particularly CU. I can't say I've ever had a terrible experience, but I will say I hate Oregon/Eugene. The town blows, and the fanbase just seemed like a bunch of angry frat boys. The game also sucked too, which I didn't help. Still, most away games I've been to have had terrible results. Columbus sucks a lot, and their fanbase was soooo nice...it was annoying. They knew they were going to destroy us (which they actually didn't DESTROY us), and their kindness felt demeaning. Michigan was fun, Cal didn't care, Austin was cool, UW was really nice, and Lincoln sucks...but the game was awesome. I look forward to A&M next year.


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Was in Lincoln back in 1994 for that god awful beat down. Outside of the horror show on the field, there was absolutely nothing memorable. I was pretty obnoxious after the game and we just got out of town as fast as we could.


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Tallahassee had some serious ‘roid filled frat assholes raging before the FSU game in 2003. I was semi-concerned for my safety before the game walking to the stadium as those jokers were out of their minds screaming profanity laced insults with intensity that is uncommon. They crushed us so badly, they just laughed at us that night at the bars, but honestly, I expect it was a totally different demographic. I’m sure those frat boys just went back to their house and partied there. Or passed out.
Unsolicited Gator-out-of-nowhere: Can confirm. Tallahassee and FSU are pretty rough/trashy.

Also, someone mentioned Ole Miss and yeah, that's a ridiculous affair. Honestly, most of the SEC tailgate scenes are pretty hysterical (in a good way), but Ole Miss certainly carries the standard, I think. That Grove of theirs is a sight.

Ron Mexico

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Tsarbomba and I are headed to the CU at UCLA game this November so I guess I will get a glimpse at that fanbase.

I grew up in the Arroyo Seco. UCLA fans don't really care much about football and the Rose Bowl is so big that people just mill about where ever they want. There is no college campus and no restaurants or bars around the Rose Bowl so get ready to park on a golf course with a long boring walk with everybody ignoring each other. UCLA fan only has eyes for USC and that's about it. That has been my experience attending UCLA games. The Rose Bowl game is different, it is amazing to go to that game as the fan bases are so much different than UCLA's. UCLA's fan base and Stanford's fan base are a lot alike. Good people but just don't care.


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I went to the CU/FSU match-up years ago in Tallahassee. It was off the chart fun. I could see how it might get a bit dicey if FSU was playing Miami/Florida or higher powered SEC team. But the crowd was very gracious to us Buff fans.

Uncle Luko

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I was in College Station for the game where Albert Connell went off on us, we still won, think it was 24-10 or something? It was alot of fun, we always made fun of Aggie for having male cheerleaders and a fake army, hey, it was long ago. :D

Rob DeVere

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Stanford tailgates are not football tailgates. They are white tablecloth, white sweater draped over the shoulder, white wine sipping with a dangling pinky affairs.

God forbid you toss a football around or wear a school shirt or show any enthusiasm about football or your get the “you are droll” eye roll.
Ever consider it was your attire? The "Homeless Dereliquet" school of fashion?