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Bzdelik Meets With Team


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CU men's basketball coach Jeff Bzdelik met with his team Sunday concerning the rumors surrounding himself and the vacant head basketball coach position at Wake Forest.



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"Bzdelik’s daughter attends Wake Forest, and he has relayed to CU athletic director Mike Bohn that his interest in the position has more to do with family than anything else."

The last line of the article, and I can hardly believe that actually came out of Coach Bzdelik's mouth, if it did. A student will be at a school a max of 4 years, if she's not already a soph/jr/sr. It isn't a reasonable excuse for leaving to move across the country, not that he needs an excuse. I would feel very bad for guys like Cory Higgins and Alec Burks, who have put heart and soul into this program and have begun to drag it into the daylight.

Sexton Hardcastle

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I really doubt that's the main reason for Jeff leaving. Wake Forest is a great job. I think Jeff's ultimate goal is to return to the NBA. This move is a big step in that direction. Good luck to him.