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Championships Thread- SKIING at the 2024 NCAA Championships (Steamboat Springs; Wednesday March 6th - Saturday the 9th)


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This thread will be used for news and comments re the 2024 NCAA Skiing Championships. More info and links will be provided as they become available.

It was announced today that the Buffs have been awarded a full 12 member team for this year's NCAA Championships, which they are hosting this year in Steamboat Springs from Wednesday, March 6th through Saturday, March 9th.

As in prior years, live streaming of all races is scheduled to be available on the NCAA website. (Links will be provided below.)

Go Buffs!!!

Article on the Buffs being selected, and who the coaches have decided will race for the team in Utah -

Direct link - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/2/27/skiing-buffs-qualify-full-team-for-ncaa-championships

BOULDER – The Colorado Buffaloes have qualified a full 12-skier team for the NCAA Championships, which the school will host at Steamboat Springs March 6-9, and this year's squad is a mixture of experienced veterans and newcomers.

Potentially one of the harder years to pick the team, especially on the alpine side, the Buffs team will consist of Etienne Mazellier, Ryder Sarchett and Filip Wahlqvist for men's alpine, Denise Dingsleder, Magdalena Luczak and Julia Toiviainen for women's alpine, Magnus Boee, Johannes Flaaten and Will Koch for men's Nordic and Hanna Abrahamsson, Anna-Maria Dietze and Weronika Kaleta for women's Nordic.

The alpine teams consist of six skiers who did not compete for the Buffs last season at the NCAA Championships, but all three of the women have competed at NCAAs before. The men's team is consisted of three freshmen. Five of the six Nordic skiers have a combined 15 appearances entering this year's championship and have a combined 19 All-America honors between them.

Luczak competed two years ago for CU and won the individual GS Championships, and Dingsleder and Toiviainen have both competed at multiple NCAAs with Westminster earlier in their careers. All three are All-Americans and have a combined six All-America honors at the NCAA Championships, including four first-team nods.

The men's alpine team consists of three freshmen, but three who have competed the most consistently for the Buffaloes throughout the season. Wahlqvist is headed to Steamboat as the top overall seed in men's alpine and will have a top seeding position in both races. Mazellier has been consistent, finishing each of his last nine races and none lower than 15th with five top 10 and three top five finishes in that time. Sarchett missed some time while winning a junior world championship, and in college has five top 15 finishes in six races with a top five finish in each discipline, including one win. He will also be making his World Cup debut this weekend in Aspen. The trio have collectively finished 27 of 31 races on the season.

The Nordic teams, on the other hand, have a great deal of NCAA experience for the Buffaloes, with five of the ski having skied at NCAAs each of the last two seasons and a Boee and Dietze will be competing in their fifth NCAA Championship.

Abrahamsson, Dietze and Kaleta will represent the Buffs as a trio for the third time and this will be Kaleta's fourth appearance and Dietze's fifth. All three have been All-Americans and have a collective nine All-America honors between them including four first-team honors.

Like those three, Boee and Koch have been staples on the men's side and this will be their fourth appearance together. The two have a combined 10 All-America honors and Boee is a two-time NCAA individual champion. Flaaten is the newcomer of the group and has put together an impressive season finishing in the top 15 in all 11 races so far and in the top eight of the last seven races with three top five performances.

NCAA's selection release - https://www.ncaa.com/news/skiing/article/2024-02-27/2024-ncaa-skiing-championship-field-announced
(From that, the Buffs are joined by Utah, Denver, Dartmouth and Vermont in having a maximum 12 member team competing at the Championships, with New Hampshire (11 competitors), Alaska - Anchorage (10), Montana State (9) and Middlebury (9) the other schools with more than 7 qualified to compete in Steamboat, with I assume the team podium spots and battle to be the overall Champion to be competed between these schools.)

Just pasting what I wrote in prior years about how the Championships are scored:

Since I always forget the scoring system in skiing, I have posted the below in various prior years' threads. (I'm assuming/ hoping there's no change this year.) -

"Scoring in NCAA Skiing- the top 30 finishers of each race earn points. The scores earned for the top 8 finishers from 1st through 8th are 40 (for 1st place)-37-34-31-29-27-25-23. After that, the 9th through 30th places earn one point less for each lower place finish, so for example 9th place earns 22 points, 10th place 21 points, etc., all the way down to the 30th place finisher, who earns 1 point."
(Note-at the NCAA championships, teams can only bring 3 athletes of each gender for each type of skiing (Alpine and Nordic), so all their finishes count. For earlier season races with more than 3 racers per team competing in each event, only the top 3 finishers for each team get their finishes counted when calculating their (and other) team's score.)"


Some more Championships information and links:​

NCAA Skiing homepage - https://www.ncaa.com/sports/skiing

NCAA's general release on the Championships - https://www.ncaa.com/news/skiing/ar...iing-championships-schedule-how-watch-results

NCAA's Championships program - https://www.ncaa.com/NCSkiing

Buffs' Links page for all the Championship races (video, live timings, etc.) - https://cubuffs.com/sports/2024/2/14/2024-ncaa-ski-championships

Buffs' Championships Notes document - https://cubuffs.com/documents/2024/3/6/CU_Notes_2024_NCAA_Championship_Notes-FINAL.pdf

Schedule (I will edit this section as more detail becomes available.):
(I can't find a detailed schedule right not now with start times. The general schedule, per the NCAA release linked to above, is:

Wednesday, March 6

  • Men’s Giant Slalom (1st run scheduled to begin at 9:30 AM MT and 2nd at 12:30 PM MT.)
  • Women's Giant Slalom (1st run scheduled to begin at 10:30 AM MT and 2nd at 1:30 PM MT.)
Thursday, March 7

  • Men’s 7.5 km Individual Freestyle (10:00 AM MT)
  • Women’s 7.5 km Individual Freestyle (Noon MT)
Friday March 8

  • Women’s Slalom (1st run scheduled to begin at 6:40 PM MT and 2nd at 9:00 PM)
  • Men’s Slalom (1st run scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM MT and 2nd at 9:30 PM)
Saturday March 9

  • Women’s 20 km Mass Start Classical (10:00 AM MT)
  • Men’s 20 km Mass Start Classical (Noon MT)

Live timings and scores (Links from NCAA Championships homepage linked to above.) -
(I will enter info for this section as it becomes available.)

Team scores - Don't know if they'll be "live" results, but looks like accumulated team scoring and final accumulated results after each race is completed will be available at https://www.rmisaskiing.com/meet-live.php?s=2024 ,

For live timings:
Alpine races
(Scheduled for Wednesday and Friday) -
(Usual General (standard) link for Alpine races. https://livetiming.usskiandsnowboard.org/ )

Wednesday's Giant Slaloms :
Men's (1st run scheduled to begin at 9:30 AM MT; 2nd at 12:30 PM. ) - https://www.live-timing.com/race2.php?r=263239
Women's (1st run scheduled to begin at 10:30 AM MT; 2nd at 1:30 PM.) - https://www.live-timing.com/race2.php?r=263238

Friday's slalom -
(1st run scheduled to begin at 6:40 PM MT; 2nd at 9:00 PM.) - https://www.live-timing.com/race2.php?r=263599
Men's (1st run scheduled to begin at 7:20 PM MT; 2nd at 9:30 PM. ) - https://www.live-timing.com/race2.php?r=263600

Nordic (AKA Cross Country) races (Scheduled for Thursday and Saturday. Link to homepage from where hopefully live results will be available is ???):

Thursday's (shorter) Freestyle:
Men's 7.5Km
(10:00 AM MT scheduled start. ) - https://my.raceresult.com/277643/
Women's 7.5Km (??? scheduled start.. Same link as men's. Most of the time that means there will be a drop down menu to filter the results by gender.) - https://my.raceresult.com/277643/

Saturday's (longer) Classic -
20K (10:00 AM MT scheduled start.) - https://my.raceresult.com/277654/
Men's 20K (Noon MT scheduled start. Same link as women's. Most of the time that means there will be a drop down menu to filter the results by gender.) - https://my.raceresult.com/277654/

Free NCAA live video coverage (If for any reason any of the below links don't work, the general link for NCAA live videos is https://www.ncaa.com/liveschedule/ .):

Wednesday -

Thursday - https://www.ncaa.com/event/4395

Friday - https://www.ncaa.com/event/4396

Saturday - https://www.ncaa.com/event/4397
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Preview from cubuffs has still not come out for the Championships, even though CU is hosting and they begin tomorrow morning. I trust/ hope something will be released by cubuffs within a couple hours. (The men's GS 1st run is scheduled to begin the Championships' action tomorrow with a 9:30 AM MT scheduled start.)

They also don't have any information document available, which is very uncommon for the hosting school of a major championship.

Thankfully, buffzone.com does have at least a little info available at - https://www.buffzone.com/2024/03/05/preview-cu-buffs-at-ncaa-skiing-championships/

And, going to our main rival Utes' preview ( https://utahutes.com/news/2024/3/4/...-send-utah-ski-team-to-steamboat-springs.aspx), here's a general schedule -

The meet schedule runs Wednesday through Saturday, March 6-9. It all begins on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. with giant slalom at Steamboat Resort. From there, action will move to Howelsen Hill the rest of the week. The slate includes a 7.5K freestyle interval start on Thursday (men at 10 a.m., women at noon), followed by a night slalom on Friday at 6:40 p.m. On Saturday, the championship meet wraps up with a 20K classic mass start (women at 10 a.m., men at noon).

Links to live timings for tomorrow's GS races (General link to access all alpine races is https://www.live-timing.com/races.php. IF it's like last year, assume another source (RMISA?) will have results that include what the finishes equate to for team scoring purposes.):
Men's (1st run scheduled for 9:30 AM and 2nd 12:30 PM MT; Buffs have drawn bib #'s 8, 13 and 15) - https://www.live-timing.com/race2.php?r=263239
Women's (1st run scheduled for 10:30 AM and 2nd 1:30 PM MT; Buffs have drawn bib #'s 2, 11 and 23) - https://www.live-timing.com/race2.php?r=263238

The race "program" giving more detail on tomorrow's races - https://www.live-timing.com/report/263239 2024 GS NCAA Program.pdf

Direct link to free live NCAA-provided stream for tomorrow's races - https://www.ncaa.com/event/4394

Preview now available - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/3/5/skiing-host-buffaloes-ready-to-fight-for-21st-title


Host Buffaloes Ready To Fight For 21st Title​

By: Curtis Snyder, Associate AD/Athletic Communications

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – The host Colorado Buffaloes are ready to begin the fight for the program's 21st National Championship at the 2024 NCAA Ski Championships at Steamboat Springs Resort and Howelsen Hill Wednesday through Saturday.

Colorado is host of the 71st annual championship for the 10th time with seven of those 10 times hosting at Steamboat Springs. Ski Town USA is hosting the championship for the ninth time.

The Buffs have won 20 national championships, 11 men's NCAA, one women's AIAW and eight coed NCAA championships, the last coming in 2015. Since 2006, CU has finished first or second in 12 of those 17 seasons and is the only school nationally to finish in the top four of each of the last 17 NCAA Championships.

The Buffs are coming in on a three meet win streak, winning their own Spencer James Nelson Memorial Invitational, the Denver Invitational and the RMISA Championships. The Buffs also won the RMISA Regular Season Championship and are looking for that trifecta of titles for just the fourth time, also doing so in 2006 (when the regular season championship became a reality), 2011 and 2015. The 2011 team won the RMISA and NCAA Championships and was second in the regular season race.

The contingent of 12 skiers representing CU at the NCAA Championships represents one of the most experienced Nordic teams coupled with a new set of alpine skiers. All six alpine skiers did not represent the Buffs in 2023 at the NCAA Championships, but all three women have experience at NCAAs, with Magdalena Luczak representing CU in 2022 and Denise Dingsleder and Julia Toiviainen both representing Westminster twice before transferring to CU. The men's alpine team has three freshman representing the black and gold in Etienne Mazellier, Ryder Sarchett and Filip Wahlqvist, but all three have been solid all season and Wahlqvist was the RMISA Slalom MVP and top overall seed from the west.

The Nordic team, however, is quite the opposite. The women as a trio are representing the Buffs for the third straight season and counting 2024, have a combined 12 appearances at the championships. Anna-Maria Dietze is making her fifth appearance with Weronika Kaleta making her fourth and Hanna Abrahamsson her third. The men's Nordic team has seen Magnus Boee and Will Koch for the fourth straight season while Johannes Flaaten is a freshman making his first appearance. Like Dietze, Boee is making his fifth appearance at the NCAA Ski Championships, the two the first in CU history to do so.

The giant slalom races will open the NCAA Championships on Wednesday, March 6, with the men's first run set for 9:30 a.m. followed by the women's first run at 10:30 a.m. Second runs are set for 12:30 p.m. (men's) and 1:30 p.m. (women's). The freestyle races will open the Nordic events on Thursday, March 7, with the women's 7.5K race set for 10 a.m. and the men's 7.5K race for 12 p.m. The slalom races will take place Friday, March 8, beginning with the women's first run at 6:40 p.m. and the men's first run at 7:20 p.m., with second runs set for 9 p.m. (women's) and 9:45 p.m. (men's). The CLASSIC races will close out the NCAA meet on Saturday, March 11, with the men's 20K race set for 10 a.m. and the women's 20K at 12 p.m.

A couple of links also included above the article (I'll also add to the original post):

Links page for all the Championships' races (video, live timings, etc.) - https://cubuffs.com/sports/2024/2/14/2024-ncaa-ski-championships

Buffs' Championships Notes document - https://cubuffs.com/documents/2024/3/6/CU_Notes_2024_NCAA_Championship_Notes-FINAL.pdf
It's getting late where I am, so I probably won't be providing much if any updating, but wanted to mention the forerunners (Sp.?) are on course, so the men's GS should be starting in a minute or two.
The men overall had a tough start to the Championships, but then the women came back and won their portion of the racing BIG with TWO podium finishes, including the individual champion, and the Buffs are in 2nd after day 1.

From the RMISA website, scoring (for the top 10 schools) after day 1 is:

ski scoring through 03-06-24.png

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Day 2 of the Championships a little more than an hour and a half away from beginning. (Links below and in the original post.)

Edit - the link for video in the below tweet looks to me to be for yesterday's races. For today it is https://www.ncaa.com/event/4395 .


Edit - Article after yesterday's action - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/3/6/skiing-women-lead-charge-on-first-day-of-ncaa-championships


Women Lead Charge On First Day Of NCAA Championships​

By: Curtis Snyder, Associate AD/Athletic Communications

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – Colorado went 1-2 in the women's giant slalom race with Magdalena Luczak winning a national championship and Denise Dingsleder taking second as the Buffaloes sit in second place as a team at the 2024 NCAA Ski Championships at Steamboat Ski Resort Wednesday.

Luczak essentially defended her GS title, which she won in 2022 in Park City after not skiing in college in 2023. She won both runs and took the race by an astounding margin of 1.18 seconds. Dingsleder tied for second place with Utah's Madison Hoffman. CU's third woman, Julia Toiviainen, also had a solid race, moving up six spots in each run from 23rd to 11th, missing out on an All-American honor by just three-hundredths of a second.

"The ladies saved the day," CU Alpine Coach Ian Lochhead said. "They were awesome. Magda and Denise skied like themselves. Julia started the first run with a high bib and battled through that, she had the fifth fastest second run which was really good for the team."

"We took matters into our own hands," Luczak said. "I'm happy for the whole team, we had some really good runs today. I felt good today, I had two solid runs. I've felt really good on skis the past few weeks. I'm super proud of DD (Dingsleder), being in the start with her (as the final two racers to start in the secon run) was the best I could've asked for."

"We did it together," Dingsleder said. "We did what we were hired to do, we got the job done … half way. It was a tough race at the beginning, the conditions were changing, it was cloudy then we had sun. The boys had a tough start, but we decided it's a team competition."

On the men's side, a bit of misfortune held the Buffs back from what could've been a truly special overall team day. Filip Wahlqvist had a little misstep on his first run and sat in 13th position, but moved up to eighth after the second run to pick up a second-team All-America honor. Etienne Mazellier had an outstanding first run and was second in the field fell to 12th after the second run, missing out on his own All-America honor by just 26 hundredths of a second. Ryder Sarchett had an unfortunate mishap on his first run and didn't finish the race.

"Ryder was charting really hard, he was skiing really fast," Lochhead said. "He just got in a weird position on the second pitch and it's just unfortunate. Filip got hosed with his starting position in both runs, first run the surface hardened after his run and on the second run, the sun came out and softened up the snow, but he skied well. Etienne sitting in second after the first run was great, but he just didn't have a great second run. Obviously the speed is there."

In the team standings, the Buffs won the women's race with 95.5 points and was sixth in the men's race with 42 points. Fortunately, no team had two outstanding runs and the Buffs' 137.5 points sit second, 17 behind Utah (154.5) and 4.5 head of third place Denver (133). Vermont is fourth with 101 points and alpine-only Westminster is fifth with 82, essentially making it a four-team race after the first day.

"On to the slalom for us," Lochhead concluded. "Happy to still be in it."

UP NEXT: The action turns to the Nordic side Thursday with the 7.5K freestyle interval start races. The men start at 10 a.m. followed by the women at Noon. Watch live action at ncaa.com/live and rmisaskiing.com.

TEAM STANDINGS (Thru 2 of 8 Races): 1. Utah, 154.5; 2. Colorado, 137.5; 3. Denver, 133; 4. Vermont, 101; 5. Westminster, 82; 6. Montana State, 78; 7. Alaska Anchorage, 70; 8. New Hampshire, 59; 9. Dartmouth, 47; 10. St. Michael's, 44.5; 11. Colby, 40.5; 12. Middlebury, 33; 13. Plymouth State, 9; 14. Harvard, 6; 15. Nevada, 3; 16. Bates and Boston College, 0.0.

MEN'S GIANT SLALOM (32 Collegiate Finishers): 1. Mikkel Solbakken, UU, 1:44.78; 2. Sindre Myklebust, UU, 1:44.85; 3. Christian Soevik, DU, 1:45.18; 4. Isac Hedstrom, UNH, 1:45.24; 5. Magnus Styren, UVM, 1:45.32; 6. Simen Strand, SMC, 1:45.38; 7. Gianluca Boehm, MSU, 1:45.43; 8. Filip Wahlqvist, CU, 1:45.61; 9. Leon Nikic, UAA, 1:45.62; 10. Oscar Zimmer, DAR, 1:45.63. Other CU Finisher: 12. Etienne Mazellier, 1:45.89. Did Not Finish First Run: Ryder Sarchett.

WOMEN'S GIANT SLALOM (33 Collegiate Finishers): 1. Magdalena Luczak, CU, 1:54.51; 2. Denise Dingsleder, CU, and Madison Hoffman, UU, 1:55.69; 4. Evelina Fredricsson, WMC, 1:55.86; 5. Liv Moritz, DU, 1:56.23; 6. Kaja Norbye, UU, 1:56.29; 7. Nora Brand, DU, 1:56.66; 8. Ainsley Proffit, UAA, 1:56.68; 9. Sara Rask, DU, 1:56.71; 10. Kristiane Bekkestad, MSU, 1:56.92. Other CU Finisher: 11. Julia Toiviainen, 1:56.95.
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In an inverse of yesterday's alpine races, it was the Buff men on the Nordic side who had the stronger day today, as they all had very good top 7 finishers (even with no podiums). The Utes still won the point total battle in that race by 7 points, however, aided by their 2-3 podium finishes.

The CU women (who generally look to be stronger in the longer classical race being held Saturday) had a tough day, and only finished in 8th points-wise as a team, with Dietze the only individual near the top 10 (she finished 8th).

Overall, the Buffs still sit in 2nd, although their lead over DU has shrunk a little, to 5.5 points. The Utes lead has extended to 56 points, so I'm sure the CU Alpine group is going to be (smartly) AGRESSIVE in tomorrow's slaloms.
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After the 1st runs in tonight's slaloms, Buffs have the individual lead in both genders, but the 2nd and 3rd Buffs that started with higher bib numbers and I assume got rougher snow are a ways back (16th and 18th in the men's, and women in 22nd and 28th).

Women's 2nd run scheduled to begin in ~20 minutes.

Unofficially (at least on the men's side), looks like the Buffs end up with the individual slalom national champions in BOTH the women's and men's slaloms.

Congrats to Magdalena Luczak (her 2nd of this year's Championships) and Filip Wahlqvist!

In the team battle, the men eeked out a small win in the team point battle for the slalom, while the women were a decent 4th (especially considering the higher bib #'s some of them had). In the overall team battle for 2nd place, DU won the women's race by enough to take a small lead (7.5 points) over the Buffs heading into tomorrow's final day of competition, while Utah holds a pretty good lead (43.5 points over the Pioneers) in their quest for a 5th straight team national championship.
About 15 minutes until the scheduled start of the 1st (women's) race of 2 that end this year's Championships. They're already noted in the OP, but major links are:

Free live NCAA provided video stream - https://www.ncaa.com/event/4397

Live timings (Since there's only one link, there's a simple drop down option to choose whether to get results for the women's or men's races.) - https://my.raceresult.com/277654/

And, the article after yesterday's races that ended the alpine portion of the Championships and season - https://cubuffs.com/news/2024/3/9/skiing-luczak-wahlqvist-sweep-slalom-titles-at-ncaa-championships


Luczak, Wahlqvist Sweep Slalom Titles At NCAA Championships​

By: Curtis Snyder, Associate AD/Athletic Communications

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – In one of the most unique settings in all of ski racing, Colorado's Magdalena Luczak and Filip Wahlqvist swept the slalom Individual National Championships on the third day of the NCAA Ski Championships Friday night at Howelsen Hill.

In the team standings, the Buffs did slip to third but shortened the gap to first. Utah leads with 444.5 points while Denver is second with 401 and Colorado third with 393.5. Utah held a 56-point advantage over CU entering the day and remains 51 points up on the Buffs entering Saturday's 20K classic races.

"I think Magda and Filip are the best skiers and they executed and with all the pressure on, it was pretty awesome to see," Alpine Coach Ian Lochhead said. "We had to do a lot tonight, we maybe didn't do enough but we fought hard. I honestly couldn't be more proud of the team, how they prepared, and I think we're good enough to win the national championship and we may not, but when you have a big goal, that's how it goes. It's not over until it's over, we're still all in, we have our fingers crossed and hoping for something crazy with the Nordic team tomorrow."

Luczak put herself in elite company after winning Wednesday's GS race, she swept the two individual titles and won her third overall individual National Championship. She joins Lucie Zikova as the only two women to do that in CU history and she's just the ninth women's alpine skier in NCAA history to sweep the titles and the eighth women's alpine skier in NCAA history to win three or more individual NCAA championships.

"It's great, but I'm also really proud of the whole team, we handled the pressure really well, especially in the second run," Luczak said. "That's the thing about racing in college that you don't get this feeling anywhere else. I wouldn't be able to do it without my team, they helped me and calmed me down before the second run, I was really nervous, so I couldn't have done it without them."

Walhqvist also put himself in elite company with the title, his fourth win of the season as he becomes just the third skier in CU history to win four or more slalom races in a season, joining John Skajem in 1986 with four and only behind David Ketterer's total of five in 2017.

"It was for sure, super awesome," Wahlqvist said. "That was one of my main goals this season to win races, I feel like I accomplished that. I came here to win races, and I feel like I've done that, and when I stand on the start gate, I know I can win, especially in slalom. This race is by far the coolest, biggest race I've ever skied before. I usually don't get nervous at the start, but I felt it on the second run. It was just me and the start ref, but then I after I won everybody was there, that was awesome."

In the women's race, Julia Toiviainen didn't have the first run she wanted, sitting in 28th, but used the 12th fastest second run to move up six spots to finish 22nd. Dingsleder started 33rd but moved up to 22nd after the first run and then another four spots to 18th.

On the men's side, Ryder Sarchett started 23rd and moved up to 18th after the first run, and then threw down the fourth fastest second run to move up another 10 spots to eighth, where he earned second-team All-America honors. Etienne Mazellier started 29th and was sitting solid in 16th after the first run, but hit some bumps on his second run and fell three spots to 19th.

UP NEXT: The final day of the 2024 collegiate season is Saturday morning back here at Howslesn Hill for the 20K classic mass start races. The women will start the day at 10 a.m. followed by the men at Noon.

WHAT IT MEANS: The largest comeback in NCAA history was in 2013 when CU came back from 53 points down from Vermont to claim the championship. Saturday would take a similar effort, and while it's possible, CU will probably need some help from Utah having an off day. Still, the Buffs goal is to go out and ski to their potential and let the chips fall where they may. Either way, the Buffs have put on a show here in Steamboat and the future under coaches Jana Weinberger and Ian Lochhead look bright.

TEAM STANDINGS (Thru 6-of-8 Races): 1. Utah, 444.5; 2. Denver, 401; 3. Colorado, 393.5; 4. Dartmouth, 278; 5. Montana State, 251; 6. Alaska Anchorage, 227; 7. Vermont, 219; 8. New Hampshire, 149; 9. Westminster, 136; 10. Middlebury, 132; 11. St. Michael's, 81.5; 12. Alaska Fairbanks, 72; 13. Colby, 63.5; 14. Michigan Tech, 43; 15. Harvard, 31; 16. Bowdoin, 17; 17. St. Lawrence, 15; 18. Boston College and Nevada, 10; 20. Plymouth State, 9; 21. Bates, 6; 22. Northern Michigan and Williams, 1.

WOMEN'S SLALOM (30 Collegiate Finishers): 1. Magdalena Luczak, CU, 1:25.43; 2. Madison Hoffman, UU, 1:25.56; 3. Nora Brand, DU, 1:25.91; 4. Sara Rask, DU, 1:25.95 and Ella Bromee, UAA, 1:25.95; 6. Mika Anne Reha, MID, 1:26.07; 7. Kristiane Bekkestad, MSU, 1:26.21; 8. Carmen Nielssen, UAA, 1:26.30; 9. Zoe Zimmermann, DAR, 1:26.32; 10. Allie Resnick, DAR, 1:26.35. Other CU Finishers: 18. Denise Dingsleder, 1:27.09; 22. Julia Toiviainen, 1:27.74.

Full results - https://cubuffs.com/documents/2024/3/9/NCAA_Ski_Championship_Results_-_Day_3.pdf
3/4's through the women's race, and the Buffs are working hard, with 2 still in a lead group of 6 or so (vs. 1 Ute), and the 3rd Buff recently fell off the front pack but is still in 8th. If none suffer a bonk, they could be taking a good part of the Ute point lead from the start of the race so the Championship will at least still be in play when the men complete the Championships with their race beginning at noon. (The 1st DU skier is way back in 20th, so the Buffs should end up with a pretty big lead over the Pioneers assuming all the Buffs can finish pretty strong.)
Looking like the Buffs have put quite a dent in the Ute lead, which was around 49 51 points coming into today. Per the RMISA scoring page, the lead is now down to 17 points. DU is now 55 points behind CU, so it would take a really bad day for the Buff men for CU to not be, at worst, the Championship team runner-up
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The men are doing everything they can, and it looks pretty close. Right now the Buffs are in 1st and 3rd and ahead of a chase pack which contains all 3 Utes and the other Buff. Per the announcers, at the halfway point the Utes would still be the champions by 4 points. Assuming the 1st 2 Buffs can keep their places, that could mean how the 3rd Buff does will be the determining factor. (He was near the back of the lead pack at 10K, so if he can keep in that chase pack and pass a few skiers by the end, that could put the Buffs over the top.)
With many skiers still in packs so it's still WAY too close to call, but at the final interval time and scoring point (at 15Km) the announcers are saying that on the course the Buffs are 2 points up on the Utes with 5 km to go.
Unofficially, looks like the Buffs may have completed a HUGE comeback today as the RMISA scoring page shows them 2 points ahead of the Utes in the cumulative scoring with the leaders finished.

Hope it holds up so they are the Champions!!!

Huge congrats to Buff 5th year senior great Magnus Boee, who took control of the race early and gets his 3rd individual NCAA Championship!

I did not have any hope going into last night's slalom.

Go Buffs!

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I ran into an old assistant coach this past week. I asked him about the team underperforming in recent years. He said he quit because they kept cutting their budget and it made everyone connected to the program apathetic, which in turn started rubbing off on the athletes.

I find this result genuinely impressive with that backdrop.

Congrats, Buffs!
Note - Just in case there's anyone like me who is a sucker for awards ceremonies (at least when "my" team wins), wanted to mention they are supposed to be available (I assume very soon) at the same link as today's races - https://www.ncaa.com/event/4397
I ran into an old assistant coach this past week. I asked him about the team underperforming in recent years. He said he quit because they kept cutting their budget and it made everyone connected to the program apathetic, which in turn started rubbing off on the athletes.

I find this result genuinely impressive with that backdrop.

Congrats, Buffs!
I hope that can change. I also think the coach after Rokos was an issue. I dont think he really meshed with the program. Last two years Jana has done a good job with the program.
I ran into an old assistant coach this past week. I asked him about the team underperforming in recent years. He said he quit because they kept cutting their budget and it made everyone connected to the program apathetic, which in turn started rubbing off on the athletes.

I find this result genuinely impressive with that backdrop.

Congrats, Buffs!
They need to work on the Eldora home mountain partnership to make that a fundraising showcase for booster events