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Coach Prime / Buffs Football Social Media Thread

Mcchesney is an idiot and an asshole! Never listen to him or care about him. He was barely above average at cu and yet he acts iike he was this big consensus all American.
I honestly just assumed that in this new era of CFB, players were mostly just taking online classes, but apparently they still take in person classes.... And I guess not doing so hot

Dang. I just love the way he handled that.

I was never disrespectful in any college class, but I definitely was not focused on school much of the time, at first: I recall one Astronomy class I showed up one less time than there were tests. lol

So, I get that part, from a student perspective at that age, first time away from home. The light doesn’t go on for every kid at the same time. Still no excuse to be disrespectful, etc.

I’m sure HCP is absolutely right about the NIL world and college, these days. I’m sure these conversations are happening on every campus.

Obviously, this is a big question in CF going forward, too: What is “student-athlete” in this new context, when college football only exists because of college, but players aren’t being paid by—or even present for—the “college” side of the equation.
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