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College Football News


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Oh, I absolutely like that scenario but saying they need to lock themselves into conference champions or the team who lost their conference championship is a little short sighted, IMO. Ultimately, those are typically your best teams, but sometimes/a lot of times the third best team in a conference is better than a conference champion.
I’d argue no. But maybe better than the CCG loser.


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Emma Watson went to Brown. Brown is OK by me. Plus, it’s in Rhode Island. The state is about the size of Weld County. Who could hate anything that cute?
Haha. I was totally joking. Response to the hate Cornell v hate Yale. Just trying to go as random Ivy as I could (without using Penn). Maybe Dartmouth would have landed batter.


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Dixie State, a transitioning D1 school, is dropping "Dixie" from the school's name.

Some of the recommended names are Utah Tech, Utah Polytechnic, etc. Just imagine the memes if Utah Poly is chosen.