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Games thread- MEN'S BBall hosts Utah (Sat., 2/24/24; 7:00 PM MT; Pac-12), Cal (Wed., 2/28, 6:00 PM; Pac-12) and Stanford (Sun., 7:00 PM; FS1)

I mean, seriously, fvck, it's not easy to give up 24 points in 8 minutes.
Tyson is a POS and his brother was/is a fvcking pussy who couldn’t hack it.

Throwing elbows is weak sh!t.
Yes they freaking do. As bad as I’ve seen in this building in awhile. Their coach is 5 feet onto the floor all night as well. He’s a POS too.
I'd bother hating him if his team was ever going to be relevant, but since he'll be out of a job soon, I don't think I'll waste the effort
That was a big win. Short-handed against a difficult opponent.


Will be interesting to see where we are on NET after tonight's games.

Got some breathing room in the Pac standings between (t)4 and 6, too.
Yes they freaking do. As bad as I’ve seen in this building in awhile. Their coach is 5 feet onto the floor all night as well. He’s a POS too.
Not to mention annoyingly chirpy. The missus actually commented something like “who is that loud jackass who keeps yelling and charging the floor?”
Took care of business. The defense was awful in the second half again. Let’s stop doing that. KJ is freaking awesome.
Three live ball turnovers in the first eight minutes or so of the second half that led to dunks/layups helped Cal's cause.

TdS was awesome in the first half - one of his best halves - but had three turnovers in the second half.

KJ just erupted in the second half. He took over when needed.

Ruffin's back-to-back treys in the second half came at a key time. The first one came off a turnover created by KJ and when the ball got kicked out he was wide open. Interestingly, KJ was gesturing to hold the ball and wait to run the offense as Ruffin was going up with the shot.

Loved the minutes Diop gave off the bench. He had seven rebounds in 12 minutes.

Hope LOB is going to be good to go on Sunday night - same for Cody andd Julian.
Well played game.

Cal should have a lot better record than they do with their talent.
Lot of strong personalities and transfers. It took them a while to come together and even now they're streaky/volatile.
You think Madsen is getting fired?!

He's literally getting P12 COY chatter.
A 13-16 team is getting coty chatter? In what universe? Pretty sure Smith at WSU has that locked up.

It may not happen this year, but I don't see him being any sort of long term coach there.
Anyone have a replay of Eddie's behind the head layup? I was quite impressed with that one.