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Guess the Next Commit - 2/18/22

(Sigh) Aren't there a million more Buffalo GIFs that would demonstrate ANYTHING beyond casually strolling through a field? Just **** me.
It represents our recruiting efforts. Don't waste any energy, don't get excited, and by all means don't push yourself.
Not to harp on this but "herd boyz", "box state"? Just awful!
You might hate it, but I have two teenage boys, one of whom still plays football. I'll tell you this, pretty much every HS aged 7v7 team in Colorado describes their location as from the "Box State". Every out of state tournament they go to refers to Colorado teams as Box State, and every out of state team they play call them Box State.

I think it's kinda stupid, but I've seen enough to confidently state that the kids think its cool. 🤷‍♂️