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I love Evan Battey


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I don’t know if there has ever been a CU athlete who is more endearing than this young man. I wonder if the Denver metro area has any clue what a special guy we have in Boulder. He’s the kind of sports hero I’d want my kids to embrace.


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Does anyone here have connections to the people who organize the Buffalo Heart Award for football?

It is one of the unique traditions of CU athletics and something that seems to really mean a lot to the athletes who have earned it.

Reason I ask is that it is a football award and frankly in basketball it wouldn't be as meaningful because there are significantly fewer athletes to pick from. At the same time if there has ever been a basketball player who deserved to be recognized it is Evan Battey.

From his overcoming medical challenges that almost took his life to his sincere caring for his teammates, his opponents, and his community.

As he comes up on his last home game ever in a Buffs uniform it would be amazing if he could be recognized by the fans in a similar way as many truly outstanding individuals have been from the football team.


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I have no connections on the men's side, but I would start with contacting the director of basketball operations and do it fast because Senior Night is upon us.

NWD Buff

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I don't think you need to worry about CU properly recognizing Battey as the season winds down. It's a sign of his quality as a human that we are having this discussion, but there is no way that plans are not already well defined. The guy is one of the most beloved Buffs ever, and is probably Tad's favorite player that he has ever coached.

Hallett Hell

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He’s a legend already and destined for success. Will be up there with Whizzer White as an all time great Buff. I will watch his career and keep on cheering for him.