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January 28th - Elite Underclassmen Weekend


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I know there is another list out there, but it looks like it's missing a few names. Here are the 2024 prospects who have said they will be on campus this weekend. We've also got Miller, Hopkins and a couple of OL for 23, as well as a bunch of 25-27 prospects. I added the 247 rating for each. Most of the athletes will likely end up at DB.

Daniel Kaelin, QB, 3*
Ryan Wingo, WR, 4*
Xavier Jordan, WR, 4*
Jason Robinson, WR, 4*
Daijon Calimon, WR, 3*
Kylan Fox, TE, 4*
Brandon Baker, OT, 4*
AJ Burton, OT, 3*
Gage Ginther, OL, 3*
Talan Chandler, OL, 3*
Aydin Breland, DL, 4*
D'Antre Robinson, DT, 3*
Jacob Bradford, DL, NR
Danny Okoye, Edge, 4*
Kyngstonn Viliamu-Asa, LB, 4*
Shakir Collins, LB, 3*
AJ Guida, LB, 3*
Markus Boswell, LB, NR
Marcellus Williams, CB, 4*
Isaiah Rubin, CB, 4*
Ju'Juan Johnson, ATH, 4*
Miles Lockhart, ATH, 4*
Nate Frazier, ATH, 4*
Gregory McClendon, ATH, 3*
Stacy Bey, ATH, 3*
Boo Carter, ATH, 3*

UPDATED with Wiltfong's list. 26 names and counting, and most are very high caliber recruits.
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Duff Man

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Really great list. Should get some clarity on where CU stands with attendees and hopefully get a few commits from the list over the next few weeks.

After that, I would think the Spring Game will be the next big recruiting event. Guessing Prime will be making that an even bigger event than this weekend.

Duff Man

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Also, guessing we see more FL, GA, and TX kids visiting for that next event (assuming it is the Spring Game). Would not surprise me at all if Prime deliberately schedules it on a weekend that makes it THE event for blue chips in those states to attend.


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So I was a real casual following of recruiting before, tracked the few big names that actually seemed warm on us... did we even do events like this before?
Events under KD:

Events under CP:

The Alabaster Yak

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I think it’s quite amazing that literally the only possible scenario that could have CU playing for a National Championship is happening before our eyes. It’s not often you get to witness a stars aligning situation for your favorite team, but it’s absolutely taking place right now.