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Joe Klecker and Dani jones appreciation thread


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An interview with both talking about CU's tradition -

And Re Dani Jones, thought I'd provide some of her NCAA Championships (she has 4) highlights and interviews in one place in case anyone interested hasn't seen them. (Assume most of these were probably already posted on Allbuffs one time or the other.) -

For her 1st 2 Championships, the Distance Medley Relay (DMR) and 3000 Meters, at the 2017 NCAA Indoor Championships,
~3 minute highlight videos (Probably a couple of my favorite highlights of a CU win in any sport, assisted by an energetic/ passionate announcer.) -
DMR - https://www.flotrack.org/video/5762050-womens-distance-medley-relay-final-wild-finish-buffaloes-win-by-a-hair
3000M - https://www.flotrack.org/events/5011120-2017-di-ncaa-indoor-championships/videos?limit=42&facets={"Event":"3k"}&playing=5765593

Post-Race Interviews-
DMR (with teammates Elissa Mann, Tabor Scholl and Sage Hurta; the page also includes an article on the race) -

3000M - https://www.flotrack.org/events/5011120-2017-di-ncaa-indoor-championships/videos?q=dani&playing=5765668

A more detailed article of the Buff's upset DMR win (also includes a couple highlights) - https://www.flotrack.org/articles/5062640-how-a-young-colorado-dmr-upset-the-collegiate-record-holders

The 2018 NCAA Cross Country Championships (in a winter-like Madison snow) :
- shorter (1:46, includes a short part of the team interview) and longer (last ~6 minutes of the race) highlight videos.
(The longer also shows the finish line as more and more Buffs come into finish guaranteeing their team victory that year.) -

post-race (6:40 minute) interview-

Her last Championship, the 5000M at NCAA Outdoors last season. (She was coming off injury that kept her from racing Indoors, so hadn't had as much speed work as normal, so chose the longer race rather than her (I believe) preferable 1500M.):

A short interview with her, overlaid at the beginning with a highlight of her final kick-

The full race replay
(As an aside, this last replay is a pretty good example of what clueless announcing of a distance race sounds like. Even though most of the running websites considered her a/ the favorite, they don't substantively mention Ms. Jones at all until near the end, 1st to comment she should be on the rail after she HAD been relaxed and on the rail the whole race and was just getting into position near the end. They somehow also didn't seem to be aware, or didn't feel it worth mentioning, she has what I believe is considered to be the best kick in the NCAA.)