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Official 2022-23 MBB Season Thread

How many regular season wins?

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Went with 22. I think it really depends how quickly the guys jell. By the end of the season, you want your best 8, maybe 9, guys getting most of the minutes. It's not easy playing 10 dudes in most games unless you have to.
My thoughts from last night:

Hadley shocked me with how good he is. He’s pretty explosive and athletic.
We are small. That will limit us I think. We are deep but 10-12 guys without much star power.
KJ struggled at times. Ruffin could see a lot more playing time. It’s not clear to me who is our best point guard at this point. Might turn out to be Hammond He has made up a lot of distance for sure.

Lawson improved but still gets too excited and it throws off his offensive game. He needs to make a few to up his confidence.

Can Allen be the guy who can score when we need one? We need that guy.

Rebounding was a problem last night.
Spencer with a great monologue on why fans should have more appreciation for glue guys/ unselfish teammates who may not do much to fill the stat sheet. Rim pressure to open up the court is so under appreciated.

That's what having a great teammate looks like, straight up.
I picked 20, because I always assume Tad's good for it, but in truth I suspect a couple less unless we glue faster than I expect.
Wasn't sure where to put this and didn't want to start a thread.

Anyway, this is a great follow:

Love this kind of stuff. I'm woefully ignorant regarding the technical aspect of basketball strategy -- enjoy learning through these types of examples.
The law of transitivity does not apply in sports.
The law of transitivity does not apply in sports.
The law of transitivity does not apply in sports.
Tad, on dealing with players after the tournament:

“You’ve got to piss your players off. It’s OK for them to be pissed at the coach. If they’re not pissed at me, I’m probably not coaching them hard enough. All three losses, we physically got punked. So you show them that on film. You challenge them. You piss them off. You do whatever you can to light a fire under them and say we’re not going to let this happen again.”

He ragged on TDS and Gabbadon (sp) for their weak rebounding