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Official ****braska Hate Thread

I mean even The Counting Crows have a song mentioning the geographical location of Omaha…🙄🙄🙄

*not that 18-22 year olds really dig or should dig The Counting Crows.
Unless they had @Not Sure as their music director. He celebrates the entire catalog. Program is pretty much a Glee style mashup of hits, B-sides and rare bootlegs of songs that didn't get a studio release.
Catching up on this thread, I wonder if some people here are ever happy. This is as fun as Buffs football has been in 20 years. Try to enjoy it a bit.
The glorious achievements of Nebraska volleyball make me happy. Did you know that they caused the first legitimate sellout of Memorial Stadium in over a decade?
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It’s somewhere in the middle of America

He said that in the first sentence of his report and I was like, "This guy listens to Counting Crows".

Not surprised Dalton Knecht knew it - poor guy started his college career at Northeast Junior College in Sterling, which is basically in Nebraska.

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Nebraska didn't make it to the NCAA Women's Bowling Final Four this year. Youngstown State, Sam Houston State, Jacksonville State, and Arkansas State are the finalists in this case.

I think Nub fans still will claim the moral national championship in that sport.